The Zoom suit was a protective suit that Hunter Zolomon used to hide his super villain alter-ego as Zoom.


Original suit

The suit is almost identical to Barry Allen's and Eobard Thawne's respective suits, but instead of being reverse colors of each other, Hunter's suit is filled with black and grey colors, with a reverse Flash symbol on the chest like Eobard's. Also unlike other speedster uniforms, Hunter's has a full mask, the face of which resembles a scarecrow or demon like figure. Another difference is that while previous speedster uniforms have had a mask which folded back like a hood, Hunter's mask is completely separate from the rest of the suit.[1]

Decayed suit

In the final battle against The Flash, Hunter's mask was half-torn by his enemy. After the Time Wraiths captured Hunter and transformed him into decayed spectre-like being, the suit as whole slightly changed in appearance, with the ear-pieces on the mask turning red from black, along with the symbol on his chest turning from black to red-on-white.[2]

In his later appearances, the symbol on his chest had changed from red-on-white to red-on-black. Also, the lightning design on the belt portion of the suit seems to of changed from silver outline to all silver.[3]


Zoom before he is pulled into the Speed Force

The suit's appearance was altered when Zoom was captured by the Time Wraiths.

  • Identity concealment: Hunter used a pitch black mask to conceal his identity and stay anonymous. The mask was damaged after his final battle with Barry who tore the left side of it off, he now has no use for it.
  • Force resistance: Like the Flash and Reverse Flash's suits, Hunter's Zoom suit is designed to be resistant to extreme physical forces and protect the wearer from it. An example of this was when Hunter was attacked by Killer Frost in which the suit was providing Hunter with a bit of protection.
  • Clawed gloves: Unlike the Flash and Reverse Flash suit, Hunter's gloves are spiked-tipped, giving the appearance that he has claws. He mainly uses them as offensive weapons to stab his victims and was thought to be the method to how he steals the speed of other speedsters. This was revealed to be false, when "Jay" reveals that he "lost his speed" due to "overusing Velocity 6". He could channel the electricity on him to his claws to shock and cause pain to people he touched with them, as he did to Harry. At super speed or by vibrating, the claws can have enough force and momentum to kill someone that they are stabbed into, as he did to Reverb when vibrating his hand and he did to Rupture when charging at super speed. They became actually claws after the Time Wraiths transformed Hunter.
  • Intimidation: Fitting in with his sadistic and feral personality, Hunter's suit functions well for intimidation purposes due to its frightening appearance. Complimenting the sound that Hunter's Speed Force connection generates, with the appearance of Hunter's blue Speed Force lightning, the slitted mouth, and the suit's black coloring give him the terrifying appearance of a thunderstorm incarnate. This gives him a psychological edge over his opponents, using fear to get under their guard. Unlike the first time, the suit's eyes used to glow blue, but now it just shows some demonic eyes with scar type things on it. The Zoom suit resembles blue lightning.
  • Earpieces: The suit has wireless communication capabilities through its built in earpieces, though it is unclear what Hunter uses them for, though it is highly possible that he uses them to communicate with his lieutenants to make sure the city is in line. Unlike the Flash and Reverse Flash suit, his lightning bolts on his earpieces are curved at the tip instead of being straight, and retained this property after being turned into the Speed Force enforcer.

Known users


  • Zoom's mask seems to resemble the mask Hunter Zolomon was wearing during his shock therapy treatment; this is probably where he got the idea from.

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Hunter Zolomon's suit was exactly the same as Eobard Thawne's but had dark lenses in the mask's eyeholes. This is changed in the TV show, presumably to avoid confusion with the Reverse-Flash suit. He was also a mentor to Wally to help him increase his speed in the comics, which again changed in the show to remove repetition, as Eobard (disguised as Harrison Wells) was Barry's mentor in Season 1 of The Flash, to help him increase his speed.
  • After Hunter is captured by the Time Wraiths, the suit's appearance becomes identical to that of the Black Flash, another character from DC Comics. Coincidentally, Thawne also took on the Black Flash identity after his body was resurrected in the form of a Black Lantern.


The Flash

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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