Zhishan (芝山) (died 2012) was the leader of the Chinese Triad. Zhishan was also the mentor and trainer of Chien Na Wei, after murdering her parents. He was killed by Helena Bertinelli so the Chinese Triad would retaliate against her father. After his death, Chien became his successor.


Early life

Zhishan in his youth had shot Chien Na Wei's father while he was trying to beat her and her mother, who was in the kitchen. She was later bullied and miserable in her teens, Zhishan sought her out and offered his mentorship, something she accepted after dying her hair white, the trait that she's known for now.

Years later, Zhishan is the Triad leader, his protege now a high ranking mercenary and assassin. Zhishan counselled her after she encountered The Hood for the first time.

In "Muse of Fire", he was later met with accusations from The Bertinelli Crime Family for killing their men.

In "Vendetta", Zhishan was eventually killed by Frank Bertinelli's daughter, something Chien takes personally.


Sometime after his death, Chien Na Wei succeeded Zhishan as the leader of the Chinese Triad.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: While never shown, since he trained Chien Na Wei it can be assumed that Zhishan knows how to fight.
  • Expert marksman: Zhishan had been shown to be able to use a gun.



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