"I have to say that I'm in awe of what Zandia has done for the children of the Glades."
—Sebastian Blood on Zandia Orphanage[src]

Zandia Orphanage, commonly referred to as simply Zandia, was an orphanage in Star City, located in the Glades of Star City. The orphanage was religious-oriented, belonging to St. Pancras parish. It was originally led by a priest known as Father Trigon, before his death in 2013, after which the control of the orphanage passed to Cyrus Gold and Sebastian Blood, both of whom have grown up there. In truth, the orphanage was a base of operations and recruitment for the mysterious cult known as the Church of Blood.


In 1998 the orphanage was headed by Roger Trigon, a priest who took in Cyrus Gold, Sebastian Blood and many other orphans. Trigon masterminded the killing of Sebastian's father, Sebastian Sangre, and recruited the boy into his organization, the Church of Blood. Created to protect the orphans of Zandia, the Church was supposed to bring the greater good for all the poor and unfortunate of Starling City, regardless of sacrifice. [1]

In 2013, after Trigon's death, Zandia Orphanage became the center of Alderman Blood's mayoral campaign, as he promised to continuously fund and support the orphanage, along with the Merlyn Clinic. According to Blood, both Trigon and Cyrus Gold have worked hard to help the orphans of the city and give them a better future.[1]


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  • In the DC comics, Zandia is a small Baltic country under the control of the Church of Blood and its Brother Blood dynasty, created to worship the demonic Trigon.