"In this life, a man fights for himself."

Yuri (also called Yuri the Bear) is a high-ranking member of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, it is even possible he is its leader. It is also implied he was incarcerated in Koshmar prison at some point of his life.


Yuri was approached by Rip Hunter and Leonard Snart in 1986. They needed his help to break their friends out from Koshmar prison. At first, Yuri refused to help them, even though he didn't like Vandal Savage, claiming the man didn't respect the criminal traditions of his country. Sara Lance was able to change his mind and Yuri provided the team with information how to break into the prison using bratva's black market access to Koshmar.


  • Yuri has a bratva star tattoo on each of his shoulders, possibly marking him as leader of bratva.
  • Yuri also has the letters МИР tattooed on his back. Although the word means "peace", the letters are actually an abbreviation of "Menya ispravit rasstrel", which Rip translates as "execution will reform me". The tattoo marks Yuri as a thief in law.
  • The orthodox church tattoo on Yuri's back means he has been to prison.
  • Yuri refuses to help Rip because Rip has no tattoos, therefore, no life story.


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