The Wildcat suit is a protective suit worn by Ted Grant as the vigilante Wildcat. Isaac Stanzler also used it while stalking Wildcat.


The suit consists of a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, black jeans and black boots, to protect his identity he wears a black leather mask that has a hole on the top of the head, leaving his hair exposed and a slit in the center, leaving his eyes exposed for him to see. The suit also has black motorcycle gloves with golden brass knuckles.


Ted Grant created the suit sometime after deciding to become a vigilante along with his partner, Isaac Stanzler, they both wore similar suits.

He wore this suit throughout his vigilante career and kept it after his retirement. He later donned it for when he temporarily joined Team Arrow to fight Danny Brickwell.


  • Identity concealment: Ted relies on a black leather mask to protect his identity.
  • Brass knuckles: Ted owns some golden brass knuckles to help injure his enemy's more, he wears them over his motorcycle gloves.



Season 3