Wilbur Bennett is the director of the Time Bureau.


After Rip Hunter founded the Time Bureau, Bennett was appointed a director alongside Hunter himself.[1]

Sometime later, Bennett supervised a class learning aboard the Waverider. He dismissed the class, before querying Rip as to why he'd brought the Legends aboard the ship, claiming to have professionals who could sort out their problems.[1]

A short while after that, Director Bennett was contacted by the Waverider's A.I. system Gideon to let him know that the anachronism of Wisconsin, 1870 had been fixed.[2]

Director Bennett sanctioned sending a large number of agents to 1895 London on Rip Hunter's recommendation, after there was an unusual anachronism. However, after the agents were all ultimately killed, Sara Lance allowed Bennett and some agents to come aboard the Waverider and arrest Rip.[3]


  • Time courier: Wilbur carries a time courier. This device allows him to transport through time and space without the need of a timeship.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


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