The White Martian Empire is an empire located on the planet Mars; it was established by the White Martians, after they wiped out most of the Green Martians as well as turning the latters' into White Martians themselves.


The White Martians lived under the surface of the planet Mars, one day they emerged from underground wiping most out the race of the Green Martians, leaving J'onn J'onzz as the sole survivor; as they also turned the remaining Green Martians into White Martians by injected them with their own blood.

Sometime after this, the White Martians established their own empire, making J'onn and M'gann M'orzz, the latter who is a White Martian herself, the most wanted fugitives of White Martian Empire; J'onn for simply being the last of the Green Martians, and M'gann for not only killing two White Martian prison guards, for threatening the life of an innocent Green Martian child, but also for trying to save as many Green Martian prisoners as possible.



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