For its Earth One counterpart, see Waverider.
"The Wellenreiter is fully operational and at the ready, mein Führer. Shall we send her through?"
Sturmbannführer to Oliver Queen[src]

The Wellenreiter (English: Waverider), designated WR-1945 and nicknamed "Nazi Waverider" by the Legends, is a New Reich Timeship owned by the Nazis in service of invading Earth One. It features a female-programmed A.I. It was designed by Eobard Thawne, armed with a doomsday device capable of an effect similar to a neutron bomb, which Thawne stole on Earth One.


Wellenreiter displaying Nazi insignia

The Wellenreiter's first deployment.

The Wellenreiter was a timeship designed by Eobard Thawne using his 22nd Century knowledge during his time with the New Reich to be their secret weapon for the Nazi (Earth-X) conquest of Earth One Early during their invasion of Earth One, the SS members Kara, Oliver and Eobard Thawne went on a mission to retrieve a device similar to a red ruby. This device was researched by Eobard Thawne to create a weapon that could effectively act like a neutron bomb, which he'd later arm the ship with.[1] At the orders of Oliver Queen, disguised as his doppelgänger, the SS forces under a Sturmbannführer powered up their temporal gateway, allowing the Wellenreiter to go through to Earth One.[2]

Once the ship arrived to Earth One, Oliver took Kara aboard to monitor her vitals. Oliver soon went down to the ground to engage in battle, while Kara stayed aboard and had the ship fly above the streets of Central City, shooting lasers at civilians. As it floated above the city, Supergirl flew up to meet it, wishing to challenge Overgirl. The latter flew through the front window at Supergirl, breaking it. Following this, Killer Frost, Zari Tomaz and Vixen went aboard, knocking out a horde of Nazis. They had Iris West send them the source code to deactivate the energy shield, and they pressed a button to engage it. Vibe then went to rescue his friends, before Harry Wells fired on the ship, destroying it.[3]


The Flash

Season 4

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