Vril Dox is a Yodix hacker, who works with Facet Jens to take down Supergirl.


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Adventures of Supergirl


  • In the mainstream DC comics, Vril Dox also known as Brainiac 2, is considered to be the heir of the well known enemy of Superman, Brainiac. Originally a native Coluan and the adopted son of the Computer of Colu, he was later reimagined as his clone. The character was created by Edmond Hamilton, Cary Bates and Curt Swan, debuting in Superman #167 (1964).
    • In later storylines, the name "Vril Dox" and his status as a Coluan have been used for the original Brainiac instead, making him a techno-organic being rather than just an A.I.
  • Unlike Indigo, Vril Dox's race was changed from Coluan to Yodix. In the comics, the planet Colu, was previously known as Yod or Yod-Colu. However on Supergirl, Yod is presented as a totally different planet altogether.