Vivian is the girlfriend of Cyrus Vanch.


The girlfriend of Cyrus Vanch, she took care of his business while he was in jail. She picked him up after he was released due to a lack of evidence. Vivian informed him of what George has been doing during his absence. The two visited George at his mansion and Cyrus quickly killed him after which the two decide to stay in his huge mansion. Cyrus told her about his plan to take over a big piece of the underworld. Both of them were unaware that Oliver killed their guards and was listening to them with a trick arrow. He told her about his plans to kill someone feared and gain respect from the other mobsters. The Hood took out a guard and fled the scene. They found the trick arrow and Cyrus told her they are going to kill The Hood. Vivian contacted her mole at the Starling City police department and learned of the connection between Laurel and The Hood. She told Cyrus that they can use Laurel Lance as bait to draw The Hood out. They kidnapped Laurel and left The Hood's trick arrow at her apartment, with the message that they would kill Laurel if he didn't show up. Vivian and Cyrus kept Laurel tied up at the mansion while a huge group of armed thugs guards the perimeter and was waiting for The Hood. The Hood killed all of them and got into the mansion. They captured him easily as he ran out of arrows and flechettes. Vivian and Cyrus prepared to execute him as Detective Lance burst in. She grabbed a gun and tried to shoot The Hood, who quickly knocked her out by slamming her head against the table.[1] 


Vivian is a sociopathic criminal who is the girlfriend of Cyrus and involved in numerous murder cases, human trafficking and drug running. She appears to actively share Cyrus' bloodlust as she simply smiled while Cyrus killed George. She has an informant in the police force who informed her about the connection between Laurel and The Hood. She formulated a plan to abduct Laurel and use her as bait to kill The Hood. She seemed to not care about any loss of life as she and her boyfriend were willing to kill Laurel and even sacrifice more than 24 guards as cannon fodder for The Hood to let him run out of ammunition and capture him. Her only loyalty is to her boyfriend and she is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve power. She had no problems doing the killing herself as she quickly tried to kill The Hood herself after Detective Lance came in.

She was shown to be calm and speak only when necessary, this was in contrast to Cyrus who constantly talked.

Despite not talking much and mostly listening to Cyrus she seemed to play a huge part in formulating the plan to kill The Hood by abducting Laurel.


  • Skilled markswoman/Firearms: Vivian is skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Skilled tactician: Vivian is skilled in creating plans to achieve her goals. Vivian was able to recruit a mole in the police force to provide her with information. She formulated a plan to capture Laurel and use her as bait to lure The Hood. She was able to abduct Laurel from her apartment. Vivian used Oliver's own trick arrow to send the message. She counted The Hood's arrows and predicted his shots, she let The Hood waste his arrows which allowed her to easily capture and almost execute him. 
  • Career criminal: While her partner was in jailed she was able to lead the criminal organization.



Season 1


  • So far it remains unknown who her mole in the Starling City Police Department was.