Vincent "Vinny" Sobel (died December 11 2013) was a police detective of the Central City Police Department, the boyfriend and partner of Dinah Drake.


Vincent Sobel was the lover of Dinah Drake. They both worked together at the CCPD as partners. They never told anyone about them being lovers, even to their captain David Singh.[1]

In 2013, Dinah, under the guise of Tina Boland, was kidnapped by a criminal named Sean Sonus whilst undercover. Two weeks later, Vincent was kidnapped by Sonus as well. He was brought to Tina, where Sonus pointed a gun to his head, wanting to kill him in front of her. Tina begged for Sonus not to kill Vincent, but he didn't listen. Vincent was killed by Sonus, who shot him in the head right as he and everyone inside the room was hit by a wave from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator.[1]


Vincent's death effected Dinah for years. She quit the CCPD and became a vigilante in Hub City, trying to kill every member of Sonus' group, eventually succeeding with Sonus himself.[1]



Season 5


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