A protective suit is worn by an unnamed individual as Vigilante.


Vigilante's suit is comprised of black leather and computerized orange goggles that resemble ski goggles.

Alternate reality

In an alternate reality created by the Legion of Doom, Damien Darhk owned Vigilante's mask, presumably due to him having been killed.[1]


  • Identity concealment: The suit allows Vigilante to hide his true identity from his enemies while performing his vigilante activities.
  • Protective kevlar lining: The suit offers Vigilante protection during combat, though the exact level of durability of the suit is unknown.
  • Equipment holsters: Vigilante carries many guns and weapons around with him that can be attached to his suit.
  • Googles: Vigilante's googles are computerized, allowing him to track his targets using infrared vision. They are also rigged with a flashbang, so if anyone tries to remove them it will set off a flare.



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