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"My cousin worked with a vigilante once, tons of gadgets, lots of demons. Vigilantes are nuts!."

An unnamed individual is a vigilante who has worked with Superman.


The vigilante worked with Superman as allies for a time. The vigilante was known to use a lot of gadgets.[1]

The vigilante was a friend of Clark, however, Winn Schott believes they are more like frenemies. It is implied by James Olsen that this vigilante is seen as intimidating by the people they are trying to protect.[2]


  • Skilled gadgeteering: The vigilante is a skilled user of gadgets, carrying tons of those to fight crime.[1]
  • Intimidation: The Vigilante is as intimidating to people.


  • Gadgets: The vigilante carried "tons of gadgets" on hand.[1]



Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • The vigilante is likely a reference to the DC comics character Batman. By day, he is the billionaire Bruce Wayne, the CEO of Wayne Industries and by night, he works as the vigilante Batman, protector of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are continuous allies in the comics, known together as "World's Finest".
  • As such, this vigilante could be a resident of Gotham City of that Earth.


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