Verdant is a night club owned and run by Thea Queen and previously run by Tommy Merlyn. Oliver used it as a cover for his vigilante operations, with the Arrowcave located in the basement.


Verdant was initially going to be opened, but it was burned down by Garfield Lynns,[1] delaying its opening until a later date, at which Steve Aoki DJ'ed. It was managed by Tommy Merlyn for a while[2] until he quit.[3] However, after the Undertaking, Thea Queen took over as owner and manager.[4]

After Queen Consolidated was bought out by Isabel Rochev (in large part due to Thea's stubborn refusal to sign a form that would have protected her family's assets), Thea's tenancy at the club was terminated as the steel factory in which it was built was an asset of the company.[5] Following Oliver's loss of Queen Consolidated and Thea's departure from Starling City, the club was closed indefinitely.[6] After Thea's return in Season 3, she used money from Malcolm's estate to buy it, likely from Ray Palmer, and reopened it.

Carrie Cutter used a hacker who was able to find out Verdant was the base of the Arrow by using an algorithm. After this, she appeared during the grand re-opening and began looking around for the Arrow. Oliver called her to meet her elsewhere after which she threatened to kill everyone in the club if he did not show up.[7] It is unknown if Team Arrow has changed any routines to avoid getting found by an algorithm again.

Captain Lance and SCPD invaded the club on a man hunt and found the Arrowcave in the basement. As a result, the club was shutdown for sometime; but is no longer used as Team Arrow's base of operations.

Oliver and his friends use it to lure Sara out into the open, which they fend her off until Oliver uses the tranquilizer arrow to sedate Sara.

Following Oliver becoming the mayor of Star City, with Thea serving as his chief of staff and eventually leaving the city, it is currently unknown who's management Verdant is under now.

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  • Oliver previously wanted it to be named after himself, "Queens". Ironically, the final name "Verdant" is a big nod to his secret vigilante identity.
    • The name of the club, "Verdant", means "green", alluding to Oliver's secret identity.
  • One of Oliver's policies at Verdant is that drugs are not allowed in his nightclub.
  • It is likely that Oliver created Verdant not only as an alibi for his nightly activities, but also to gain business experience in the future.
  • Oliver hired Steve Aoki for the opening, stating that he dated his sister before he disappeared.
  • Kirby Bates, a hacker recruited by Carrie Cutter was able to use an algorithm to deduce the Arrow's activities back to the club. This is the first time someone has made the connection between Verdant and the Arrow.[7]



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