In Smallville, Clark and Lex were both very good and close friends, but eventually they grew to hate each other; this led to the iconic relationship of Superman and Lex Luthor. Now, some sources reveal that Tommy Merlyn might have a Clark-Lex relationship with Oliver , and Tommy is the real Dark Archer, not his father.

Trust Between Tommy and Oliver

I think Oliver Queen will eventually reveal to Tommy that he is Green Arrow (The Hood Guy). Of course, Tommy might be given a few episodes or so to get fixed on the idea of being best friends with a vigilante. So in my opinion, Oliver will trust Tommy with the information of him being a vigilante. I also mean that Oliver will tell Tommy about the List as well and the individuals inside.

Malcolm Merlyn and the End of Friendship

I have a strong feeling that Malcolm Merlyn is in the List, so eventually Oliver will have to deal with him in the future. So I believe, Oliver will kill Malcolm Merlyn for either self-defense or for the good of Starling City; but, Tommy will know about this. This event will be the downfall of Oliver and Tommy's friendship and cause Tommy to hate Oliver (Clark-Lex relationship). Eventually, Tommy will learn of his father's archery skills and decide to learn it too.

The Dark Archer

The fact that Tommy might exact revenge towards Oliver and his new knowledge of archery, gives Tommy the perfect chance to take on his father's former title, the Dark Archer. The show will then tie in with the comics, by having the real Dark Archer be Thomas Merlyn (Tommy).

Additional Information

I'd also like to add that Lex and Tommy have a lot in common. They both favored Arthur and were good friends with vigilantes . (However, they both don't know)