After watching last nights episode of the Flash I am overwhelmingly certain about the identity of The Man in The Mask. The Man in The Mask is Jay Garrick. But that's not the trippy/cool part, that part comes later after I give you some evidence.

What We Know About The Man in The Mask

  1. He taps the words Jay over and over again using a special code.
  2. He is caucasian with brownish/blondish hair.
  3. He has a connection with Hunter Zolomon.

And that's about it, apart from that we know little about his identity and his connection with Zoom.

The Theory

Given how little evidence we have to go on then it is hard to deduce who he is but then came that those lines between Henry and Barry from last nights episode Rupture. Henry:"Garrick?" Barry: "Garrick yeah, Why?" Henry: "My Mums maiden name". That's right Henry Allen the father of the Flash has a mother(duh) and his mothers maiden name is none other than Garrick. Coincidence, I think not. My theory is that the Earth 2 Henry Allen is none other than Jay Garrick aka The Man in the Iron Mask. On his Earth his Mum never took the Dad's name and named E2 Henry Jay Garrick. This means that E2 Henry is Jay Garrick/The Man in the Mask, he fits the requirements to be said man. It would explain his fascination with the name Jay given that its his. He is caucasian with right coloured hair and his connection to with Zoom would be simple. Zoom needed him, he needed to create a person for his time remnant to pretend to be, who better than Jay Garrick given that, that name doesn't exist on Earth 1. He could then change the Earth 2 records so that he appears to be the one and only Jay Garrick and voila the Jay Garrick we were shown is born. Why he needs him know is yet to be seen and I honestly don't know whether or not this Jay has the speed force.

I know this seems a little insane but it certainly is plausible isn't it.

So anyway that's my theory, let me know what you think about it and what your theory of who the Man in the Mask is.