• You Know I am Awesome

    After watching last nights episode of the Flash I am overwhelmingly certain about the identity of The Man in The Mask. The Man in The Mask is Jay Garrick. But that's not the trippy/cool part, that part comes later after I give you some evidence.

    What We Know About The Man in The Mask

    1. He taps the words Jay over and over again using a special code.
    2. He is caucasian with brownish/blondish hair.
    3. He has a connection with Hunter Zolomon.

    And that's about it, apart from that we know little about his identity and his connection with Zoom.

    The Theory

    Given how little evidence we have to go on then it is hard to deduce who he is but then came that those lines between Henry and Barry from last nights episode Rupture. Henry:"Garrick?" Barry: "Garrick yeah, Wh…

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  • You Know I am Awesome

    I Heard a rumour that CW is creating a Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman Tv Show set in the Arrowverse.

    1: Is it True?

    2: If it was who would you want to potray the characters in the show?

    3: What do you think it would be about?

    4: If it was true would it not be super exciting and cool and it could mean an Arrow Jusctice League TV movie and more crossovers plus it could expand the Arrowverse.

    And if they could make any how for any DC character set in the Arrowverse which would you choose? I would choose Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman Trinity Tv Show

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