Lots of people who have reviewed the first episode of season three think it should've lasted longer. My thoughts are... ARE YOU GUYS OUT OF YOUR MIND! What could they have done for a very temporary story? Only the aftermath is important for the rest of the series, ok maybe there is a few moments like Wally's death that will have meaning. Even if they somehow had time to fit it in, which they clearly didn't. What could they really add to make this Flashpoint bigger in scale? You can't make a big crossover out of Flashpoint cause the actors from the shows were starting their shows. It was a big event that was pretty bad and that is why Barry erased it. Did you want Batman to kill Thawne at the last minute? Did you want Barry to see Oliver as a weapons dealer like in the comic? That was Barry's event and they managed to make it big without making it a crossover. I think that is a true acheivement on their part. They also adapted the new 52 pretty good in the next one.

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