So Vixen is back in action on both Legends of Tomorrow and her own show. I am once again doing this before the end of season 2 of Supergirl. It is more of my secondary review job. Now let's jump into it.

At first, Dr Macalester is back and doing a lecture on Zanbesi. He gives it a bit of history and tells us that there were multiple amulets even though there was only one protecting the village back in S1. Mari listens to the lecture and is understandably pissed at Macalester for betraying her. (+1 for sarcastic pissed Mari) He wants her to join him to learn more about his jewls, but Cisco answers her about an attack at Monument Point. It is nuke free thanks to Felicity, but still vulnerable to tidal waves. Mari teams up with Firestorm and the Flash to stop the Weather Wizard. (+2) Somehow after being washed away by the tornado, Martin and Jax don't drown. -1


Mari is then taken out by a lightning blast. She is told by Chuck that she should stop being a superhero. (-1 just stop Chuck) He also says that Flash and Firestorm already saved the day. (yay for the good guys +1) Vixen finds out about a robbery from convenience news. She finds one of the criminals of Detroit that was a part of the robbery and interrogates him. (+1 for great interrogation scene) She goes to the supplier that hates normal jewls but loooves red jewls, so he get's fired up when people try to take his jewls. He attacks Mari, telling her about her mother and wants the power to harness animal spirits as well. Mari hides in the pool with her duck face. (-1) Mari then goes to last season's lame nemesis for help.


She has to go to a billionaire's mansion to get the water amulet in order to stop Eshu. They have a pretty clever infiltration scene involving Felicity to get in. (+2) Of course Anansi betrays Mari and gets away with the amulet. Not for long though cause Vixen catches up with some help from the Atom and Black Canary. (+3)


They all go after Eshu, who is attacking Detroit. They have an amazing superhero battle against the fiery maniac. (+2) Anansi dies after foolishly not getting out of the way. (-1 for a stupid anti-hero) Vixen and Eshu continue their fight through Detroit, throwing fire and using animal power. (+1) Vixen smashes the amulet using the same method she will use on Damien Dhark's idol, this is good forshadowing to something that has already happened? +1

After a job well done, Oliver calls Vixen over to deal with a problem of theirs. They share in some witty banter and then take to the skies. +1

The score is an 11/10, but Eshu wants more, otherwise my diamonds fall to the floor.

The coloring errors for the Atom's electric blasts and flight thrusters, i also don't like how they didn't get his suit that accurate when they did Black Canary so well. -2

Not very good accuracy with Green Arrow's season 4 suit either. They just took the season 3 suit they used last season and removed the sleeves. -1

Better animation that was very similar to Avatar when it came to the elements of water and fire. +1

Barry making a reference to what he did in Season 1 was treating the fans like they don't know what was going on and wasn't an organic easter egg like the other ones in the Arrowverse. -1

Well the final score for Vixen is an 8/10, definetly better than the first season when it comes to animation and action, but still needs to work on it's story problems. In the meantime i'll be counting down the days until i can review Supergirl once again. See ya all then.