After reviewing a show about a girl that can fly, i'm going to review another one. It's also about a girl that can fly, but she can do other things too. This is an animated show even though they could probably do it in live action cause they just did a few episodes of Arrow later. Vixen starts with a chase and Oliver and Barry being the ones that are chasing her. They do this while having expressions stolen straight from Dragon Ball Z. (-1) They really bring us straight into the action and i like when shows do this, it's also great to see this version of the Flash and Arrow in animation. +2

We also cut to the past in a confusing way like all CW shows do. They even have the foster dad plotline from Flash. Who needs an original story, am i right? We then learn more about how Vixen lost her mom just like Barry. We then see how much crime is in Detroit when some thugs go after Mari's necklace that is probably not that worth it cause it looks like it's made out of wood. Mari decided that touching her necklace is as good as a 911 call, turns out it is and she beats up the goons with her powers. (+1) Her foster dad Chuck doesn't question it one bit cause he is an idiot. -1


We then get a decent but not that emotional flashback. (+1) It tells us where Mari got her punch-crime totem, and that kids tease her. She goes to a professor to learn about it which makes me wonder what she did when she tried to learn about her family before the show. Her iconic sarcasm comes around when she speaks with him until she is all about the exposition. Turns out the thugs were hired by a mystery woman that wants the totem. (i'm still not putting back the point i took away.) Apparently she is supposed to be threatening because she knows Mari's name. Meanwhile, Chuck is all skeptical about Mari's totem until Mari thinks that just because the Flash is not normal, she is not normal. Chuck is shocked when Mari lifts a simple table, (that is pretty normal Chuck -1) But Mari presents it better when she climbs the roof of the house with the abilities of a spider and becomes Spider-man! +1

Mari doesn't feel like being Superman yet, so she comes back inside. I like a superhero that is a little bit worried about potentially dying. (+1) We then see S.T.A.R labs in animated form. Cisco and Barry are really just working well together like always and being awesome. (+2) Cisco wants Barry to go to Detroit and Barry brings back up in the form of someone else, in the form of something else... The Arrow! +2

Oliver and Barry go over to Mari's house to find Chuck, he looks less than superhuman so they go after Mari instead. Barry goes after her while Oliver has to remember where he parked his bike. Mari makes our heroes look like terrible heroes compared to her and has a pretty cool fight scene with the superheroes. (+2) After burning Oliver, (not literally) she continues running while we experience some slight deja vu. -1


There is some classic banter shown between Ollie and Barry which is always fun. (+1) Oliver shoots an arrow at Mari, but she crushes it without using her powers. (Oliver has plastic arrows? -2) Barry and Oliver chase after her more until she falls off a building cause she is superheroing in high heels. Black Canary should give her pointers on that next season. (-1) Mari goes back to the professor, but is threatened by the mysterious woman and her easily beatable henchmen. -1


Mari gets away from the henchmen, but they shoot her down better than Oliver could. (-1) She wakes up next to the crazy woman who reveals that she is Mari's sister who still doesn't reveal her name but i found out it's Kuasa by other means. She tells what happened to their parents and their home. It was a gruesome story with evil warlords and guns and citizens dying. This was better than the last flashback considering how emotional this got me. (+2) Kuasa still wants Mari's jewlry, so she has a spider bite our hero and despite this Mari tries to escape until the spider bite knocks her out. Kuasa now has the prettiest piece of wood in all of Africa! Long story short, Vixen gets the help of the cowardly lion and his besties and Mari stops the She-spirit through the power of medical guesswork. (-1) Mari finds that Oliver and Barry are back because she is a hero without training even though Oliver is perfectly okay with having Barry in the field. Vixen tells them to just back off and give her a cool name, so Barry gives her one while ruining his secret identity to the 3rd superhero he has met. Oliver and Barry have some more fun banter and then leave. (+1) Vixen tells the moon her name and the season ends.

The score for the season is a 6/10, however i believe Mari said that she will disembowel me like a lion if i don't do a bonus score for her show.

The new 52 reference might be dated but i can't wait until DC finds an excuse for characters to say Rebirth. +1

The pointless Felicity cameo just used her like a lie detector when they didn't need her at all. -1

A bunch of animals saving the day was awesome! +1

The total is a 7/10. It's an okay origin story adventure that hopefully will improve next season. Thank you all for seeing my great review with the same style i reviewed Supergirl with.