I'm going to show you all how Legends really stood out from all the other DC shows on the CW. It really was more to me than to everyone else.

5. It stood out

We have already seen heroes who could fight crime on screen. This whole time travel thing took it to a different level. It also showed us what else they could do later like travel through space more. It was a welcomed change of pace for me.

4. Exotic places

Due to being able to time travel, our heroes got to go to other countries and continents. Unlike sticking to small variations of buildings of modern construction. Our heroes got to fight in the future ontop of a building that has yet to be built, or they could go to a hospital from the 50s. It was varied in scope, size and still sticks with me.

3. Massive battles

Their are about eight superheroes in our main cast, nine counting an occasional guest star. This means you have to up the ante with superhero brawls. They deliver, in full awesome size! It's just brilliant how they could make a classic team brawl from comics leap off on the screen.

2. A bigger villian

How does Vandal differ from the rest of the baddies? Well he already won by the beginning of the show. It increased the stakes highly that he defeated our heroes from the other shows and ruled the world. Unlike the other villians who attempted at such things. Vandal used this as a way to strike fear into the Legends at the right moments. He is a menacing villian that will always stick even after his demise.

1. A lot of hope

At the end of all the wonderful victories, the Legends of tomorrow stayed together to fight more evil. They also have run into a member of the Justice Society of America. This blew my brain on the floor after the dissapointment of the introduction to the Justice League on screen. This showed that hope can come, that the DC characters we have seen in the shows can hold their own as the definitive DC on-screen potrayals. I hope they will add more iconic heroes as we learn more in Season 2.