Someone asked me to do this after i had finished the last meme related top ten list. Keep in mind, these memes are restricted to the subject of Barry's time travelling changes that he caused, Savitar, Flashpoint, and other memes related to time travel and Barry's obssession with doing it.

10. Who does Barry really love?

We are starting off with light chuckle material on this list. This one brings up the question of who Barry loves more, Iris or the timeline?

9. Flash Support

I'm not the only one who was slightly dissapointed that they focused on Barry changing the timeline instead of getting straight to the aliens. It makes sense that they did because Flashpoint should affect everybody, but i am still dissapointed.

8. Frosty Problems

Everyone felt the irony after Barry said to Caitlin that she was the one least affected. Something tells me this meme was in people's heads without them having to look at it.

7. Really Cisco!

Cisco's progression is really confusing and this meme sees the cracks in it. However the difference between season one and three's Cisco is that one learned that when Barry saved his mom, his brother dies.

6. Redirecting Blame

Barry, or more the creators of his show decided to make Barry feel better by making other characters worse at time travel.

5. Barry's trolling

This one cracks me up a lot. It is pretty basic though.

4. The most ignorant man alive

Only the biggest type of stupidity would do this IRL. Though luckily Barry is fictional.

3. Barry's all over

Weird thing is, i actually did think this after learning that this guy in BvS was Barry. I just asked "Barry? What the hell happened to you?"

2. Zoom tried to top it

It is a little egotistical to keep putting my memes on these lists, but i still am and i will stop when someone calls me out on it.

1. Barry's bad legacy

The final meme here shows what will probably happen in Season 4. Barry telling Wally that he can just time travel his grief away. Luckily Barry is in the speed force and can't do this.

So what did you all think of the list? Do you have ones you would have rather seen? Leave them down below.