In this blog post i will show you how Arrow, now regarded to be the lesser DC show is actually the best... In certain ways. They all are awesome, but some have better themes and character dynamics than others. Now let's start with...

10. Supporting Heroes.

From Arsenal to Curtis Holt, there is no shortage of comic-book vigilantes. Despite Legends having a group of heroes i'm not counting them for number ten because the group of heroes is their cast. However the Flash is playing this alone despite having a bunch of other Flashes that have not been on the show. Max Mercury, Impulse etc. It's all a big waisted oppurtunity that is only being fixed now in S3 of the show. But Arrow will always have a few vigilantes all over the place.

9. Better Villians

Minus a few exceptions, there are very small amounts of good villians. Season one used all the good ones, and then we got villians like Zoom, Griffin Grey, and Tar Pit. Despite looking cool, their powers were all that made them memorable. With Arrow they focused on characters rather than gimmicks. They had villians like Slade, Deadshot, the Calculator. These were real foes. Legends only had one foe so...

8. A more useful supporting cast

I'm counting Legends in this one. In Legends they blew up their budget early, then most of the heroes couldn't do anything because of that. With Flash, you can't have someone like Joe fight a villian like Grodd. However Diggle can fight someone like Deadshot with Oliver. When a supporting cast can help, it pushes them to be more than just the moral compass or the advice giver. They had the right idea in S2 of the Flash, allowing ordinary people to fight foes like Mark Mardon or Zoom with the B.O.O.T. In the end though, the Arrow supporting cast helps Oliver through all the attacks on Star City, and they succeed.

7. A feel of the city

Considering the Legends never stick in one place, i'm not counting them. However Flash never really did very well to make us notice Central City itself. It may be that Oliver is rich throughout the show and can interact with the people that hold it together. However Barry is not rich, but he is an average person living in his city. We should be able to see how it feels to live in Central City. However Arrow has a better world building thing going on still.

6. Better locations

Legends would probably have the best ones, but Arrow would have to have the ones that are the most atmospheric. Flash has nearly forgetable abandoned warehouses and buildings. With Arrow, some have stuck with me. because there is alot of variations between them.

5. More real

The wierdness is a great part of the Flash, however it is great to have a counter that is more real. And that is the great part about having a show with an ordinary guy with a bow and arrow. You can be worried for his life a little more when he is in danger. The Flash, well you know that the Trickster can't beat him. So they bring in a villian that shoots lasers and you don't feel the weight and reality of the scenario. I'm not saying it's bad, i'm just saying that i feel more into the scene on Arrow rather than Flash.

4. Independent characters

Alot of the time on Arrow you have characters that have their own subplots and episodes. With Flash you don't, atleast not one on a main cast member. Their was a Firestorm ep but that's different. They have subplots but that is it. You ever notice the lack of a Cisco episode besides Rupture? How about any Catilin episode? There is my point.

3. More relationships

Unlike Flash or Legends, the characters on Arrow could have relationships that are not short or forgetable. And multiple relationships can be happening that are seasons long. Diggle and Lyla have been together for three seasons now. (unless they break up in S5) This is like what i said in point four except expanding a little.

2. Better fight scenes

I love a good fight of lasers and lightning but sometimes i just need a street brawl between guys and gals in costumes. The choreography is so much better on Arrow than the average punching on Flash.

1. An awesome superhero

I'm not saying that the Flash is a bad superhero, i am saying that Oliver is the cooler one though. Even though Barry has superpowers. Oliver has a quiver of arrows and has used them to stop magic ninjas, asassins, and other copy cat vigilantes. Plus the guy has survived on an island for five years.

That is my list, leave your opinions of it in the comments below.