This ship has gotten baaad, like really bad. Much worse than any bad ship we have seen before. This time there is no opposition to it. Well i will stand as that voice for it just like how there was a voice against Olicity. Karamel is the worst!

For starters, Mon-El himself isn't interesting. His arc of becoming a superhero, but never actually caring about civillian life is dumb. Him being with Kara just makes no sense when they are just complete opposites. They are practically from two seperate sides of the galaxy. He is a womanizing, partier. She is a heroic, understanding, superhero. It makes no sense.

Another thing is Kara herself. She is so unrealistically in love with him to the point where i can easily see when the script rewrites the plot to their favor. Like when she was angry at him for not trusting her against Mr. Mxyzptlk, but turns out she was just tricking the fourth dimensional imp. It was really stupid.

Last, but certainly not least is the fact that this relationship breaks the show's message. This is where i show how it is worse than Olicity. At least with that, she didn't stop him from fighting crime or inspiring justice. This is actually a complaint i had of a recent episode of Supergirl. In this episode, Kara loses her job and she just decides that it doesn't matter cause she has him. Do you know what kind of message that sends to young girls watching this show? It tells them that the careers that earn them money and a good life don't matter if you got a guy by your side. This is basically the worst thing that has happened because of a ship.

So yeah, basically this relationship should die. Is your opinion on this different? Put a comment down below.