On the Supergirl wiki. (When that was a thing) I used to compare the similarities of the two show's first seasons. Now i'll do the same for this one.

Season 2

1. We get a bit of a time skip after the last season's finale.

2. The hero gains temporary help from another superhero.

3. A friend of the hero starts his own superhero journey. He uses tech to fight crime.

4. Season 2's supervillain uses the same powers as our hero.

5. A reference to the Flash and Supergirl is put on the other character's show respectively.

6. The hero gets a new love interest for the season.

7. Season 2's supervillain kidnaps a member of the supporting cast.

8. Season 2's supervillain unleashes their army on the hero's city.

9. Our hero kisses the love interest before one of them goes into a portal.

10. The season ends on a cliffhanger.