Sorry i haven't been reviewing recently, been auditioning for a bit and was too busy. Anyway Supergirl!

We start with James being the worst at keeping his secret identity along with Winn's. Then again, Supergirl's team took forever to deduce the Master Jailer's identity so i guess it makes sense. Also Kara throws in a reference to Batman or Green Arrow. (We don't know, they could have gone the Smallvile route and made Oliver his vigilante friend) +1

Mon-El is being suprisingly more impressive in terms of tactics and combat. Supergirl really trained him well. (+1) They are also doing well to forshadow the return of the real Hank Henshaw.

J'onn is now experiencing hallucinations of his family. A very short lived, but interesting plotline is looking into the corrupted psyche of this White Martian J'onn. +1

James is doing his crime fighting thing one night, but then is framed by a new vigilante. The Superman villain Barrage. So everyone thinks Guardian did it even though we see in the tape that there was a machine gun on his arm that Guardian never uses. -1


J'onn and Kara bond over their times feeling alone on Earth. Really missed these talks showing the similarities of these two heroes from S1. +2

James goes to stop some crooks, but then faces Barrage who wishes to give the cliche "We are both the same speech" When you do that, don't wear a different costume and have different methods. It is dumb when villains do this. -1

Guardian and Barrage have an awesome fight, leading to Barrage escaping. James now has the cops on him because he was near a dead body. Though he also has a five star wanted rating because Supergirl is also after him. +2

Supergirl now has another problem that she takes to a higher priority and that is saving Mon-El. (Why? -1) She finds that Hank Henshaw is there too. Though this is the real Hank Henshaw that finally becomes Cyborg Superman. +2

Guardian is slowly becoming like the other CW superheroes. Everyone is knowing his identity, yet they pretend like it is secret. Also what does Alex have against masked vigilantes or James Olsen? Does she have a fear of masks? -1

A reference is made to the fictional DC metal known as Nth metal. Also shown on Legends of Tomorrow. +1

Maggie is painted as the villain here by Alex because she doesn't want to bring someone who recently came out into a relationship. Alex, why? Why does it pain you so much to wait? Will you explode if you don't kiss a woman within an episode's time? -2


Lillian tells Supergirl Lex's side of the story. How he and Superman were best buddies at one point before he realized godlike aliens like Superman needed to be put in check. This is a good backstory for Lex and Lillian. +1

J'onn faces off against M'gann for lying to him about being a Green Martian. A very emotional scene from David Harewood. +1

Mon-El may have been interrupted on telling Kara the truth, but later on he just never tells her until it is too late. -1

We then see they are rescued by... DEAN CAIN! HE IS BACK! WHOO! +2

M'gann pleads to J'onn that she is a good person, but he doesn't listen because he hates the Martians too much. -1

James stops Phillip AKA Barrage with an awesome takedown. +2

Maggie is once again horrible in Alex's mind because she wants to be friends. Seriously, just because you are gay doesn't mean you two have to be in a relationship. Plenty of fish in the sea as the saying goes. -2

Mon-El wants to pursue a relationship with Kara just because she is single, and he is single. That is literally the explanation they give this episode. -1

Cyborg Superman breaks into the Fortress of Solitude and "hacks" the security. He wishes to learn of a secret alien project called Medusa. +2

7/10 for this episode. Lillian wants all of my bonus rounds using my Solar Flare. Have to do it.

-1 for Kara feeling that Mon-El should be a hero even though he did no heroic actions this episode.

Cyborg Superman's design. They didn't put in their best effort for this villain. -1

5/10 is the final score. Next we are heading to the four part crossover event.