So this episode is basically not much about Supergirl because they benched their main character. I think this is the first time they have fully done this and it is just for one character's development. I'll let you figure out who that is for yourselves.

So the episode starts with the origin of the Parasite, the enviromentalist. Good idea to change the character in this way. I feel you kinda need some intelligence in a character like Parasite. Also he is just an overall good character. +2

We all then see what happens when Supergirl gets drunk. Fun hijinks ensue! (+1) See this is how you do hijinks Supergirl. Where was this comedy in the last episode? Kara is even brought to work in this state, leaving J'onn to take the jet to investigate Parasite instead of Supergirl. Apparently J'onn forgot he could fly. I guess i would too if i had all his powers?

So they are taking the Parasite into a more creepy horror element which works for this new version. +1

Mon-El trains with Kara in a pretty awesome fight scene. (+1) However he then says that this training is useless since he doesn't want to be a hero. Kara feels that he does even though his actions don't really show that. Hey CW! How about instead of having Kara randomly believe in Mon-El, actually earn that by having him do something good? -2

Alex then comes out to Kara. Leading into her being her supportive self because well we expect that from Supergirl. (+1) Then we get some retcons where they say that Alex had sleepovers with this girl and felt attracted to her. They even wink at the fourth wall by saying that Alex practically never had this memory before until now where it comes back to the surface. Be a little subtle with your retcons CW. If you do, it makes you seem like this was your grand plan all along. -1


Parasite battles Kara for the first time. Leading to Parasite having the most awesome exit from a scene in the episode. +1

James worries about Kara. Leading to him needing the suit for his superhero exploits. Winn and James have another emotional arguement about it. +1

Alex also is overly worried that Kara is not supportive of her being gay. Kara rightfully tells her that isn't true. Know your sister Alex! -1

Kara finds Mon-El being a horrible person as usual and then Kara gets all the blame here because she nearly said it is because of his species, the Daxamites. Even though a few seconds ago, Mon-El was beating on an innocent man. -2

They finally find out about where Parasite will strike next. Then after a brief fight, he reveals that this isn't even his final form. He turns into the monstrous Parasite we all know and love. (+2) The fight ends with J'onn and Kara weakened. M'gaan is brought in to save J'onn, but before they go do that Alex gives Mon-El a pep talk despite having MISS MARTIAN on her side. -1

So M'gaan goes with the transfusion and forshadows a pretty good future plot line. +1


Guardian rises up! A battle between James and Parasite breaks out including some last minute Mon-El heroism. Supergirl like the supers do gives Parasite one last chance before killing her third villain. +3

James hides his identity from Kara so he can be a hero without her hating him for it. (Wow James, you practically can predict the future. +1) Downside of it though is that he is using lead to do it which i know is the one thing Supergirl can't see through. (Next to Mon-El's selfishness) Still, having a lead helmet will lead to problems considering you can get lead poisoning. -1

Alex goes over to kiss Maggie right after coming out as gay because she is under the control of rushing creators. Maggie rightfully says that she shouldn't do this and just learn more about herself before going into this relationship. However in the following scene, Maggie is painted as the bad girl for doing this. The show is practically saying. "How dare someone take things slow!" -1

J'onn and M'gaan connect for a brief moment as Martians. Also the first side affect of having contaminated blood is twitching. Supergirl teaches me so much. +1

Mon-El gets kidnapped for being a hero for once. OH THE IRONY! +1

The score for the episode is a 8/10. Rudy Jones wants to suck up all of my feelings on the episode. ALL OF THEM!

J'onn cleverly shapeshifting into Parasite's target. +1

This line. "I got the alien, you get the girl" -1

The reference to Guardian's usual color scheme by having a golden shockwave attack. Also the fact that James is Guardian when the character of Guardian was introduced in a Superman's best pal Jimmy Olsen comic. +1

9/10 is the final score for the episode. Cadmus is going all spooky with Dean Cain next time.