This episode is one i was really hyped up for at first because it had such a major change to the Superman mythos. So let's see if it works.

So the episode starts with a pretty humorous scene of Kara getting Mon-El ready for the day. Even using her heat vision to shave him just like how Superman does it. Only question though is how will he shave when she isn't around? Hopefully they answer that now in Season 3. (+1) Unfortunately it all goes downhill when they arrive at Catco. Mon-El is basically just the butt of every joke and it gets annoying. It is partially on Kara for literally not explaining anything about Earth before giving him a job. However i am going to blame Mon-El because they wrote his character in this way. -1


So Kara and Jimmy are walking around until they find Supergirl's latest enemies. Guys with ray guns! (Hey, if the Flash can have a girl that can make people spin, then Supergirl can have guys with ray guns) So Supes and Jimmy double team the baddies. Leading to Jimmy's tragic superhero origin. The tragic day his camera was murderred by a tire! +2

Cadmus sends another cool broadcast because they know when and how to manipulate the public. +2

So James forshadows his change after his camera smashed and it is brilliantly done in this episode. (+1) So Mon-El is having Miss Techsmacher do his work for him because he is a jerk. WHY IS KARA HELPING THIS GUY? -1

Winn and Alex have some good banter over at the D.E.O over their love life problems. This is sort of making Winn like the typical best friend that you talk about your love life with, however considering that cliche is usually put on women, it is nice to see it changed around. +1

So Kara saves someone nearly killed by guys with gravity guns. (These guys are like Super Mario enemies, they upgrade each level) +2

After the attack, we see the baddies getting to level three in the henchmen scale thanks to Lillian Luthor. She is a doctor on one side, alien weapons dealer on the other. +1


Maggie for presuming Alex is gay for just wanting to hang out with her after a break up. They really are rushing that plotline. I mean, to be fair she is gay. However Maggie assuming that she is just because of her wanting to hang is just dumb. -1

After all the trouble Kara is dealing with, she has to handle even more office problems! Such as office sex between Mon-El and Eve. Man this is reminding me of Season one again. Then i remember that Season one was when Kara had a better love interest. This one just causes more problems and acts like a jerk and is an overall bad person. Why did they add him in? -2

So James goes all superhero on these new villains. This leads to him picking his weapon of choice, a shield. Nice forshadowing to Guardian. +2

James then has a speech about his choice to be a superhero. +2 (Not quite on Cat's level, but close) Winn however feels differently about vigilantes. Only flaw with this is that Batman, a vigilante in the DC universe lives in this world as established in later episodes. So Winn basically either thinks everyone shouldn't be a vigilante except for Batman, or he doesn't know him. -1

Alex then tries to excuse Mon-El's actions by saying Kara is forcing this onto Mon-El. Sorry, but what exactly is she forcing? The glasses and the clothes maybe, but making him act like a decent human at the office isn't forceful at all. The writers are practically brainwashing the characters to say nice things about him and it is not natural or good writing. -2


Lillian just is an amazing villain. The forshadowing wasn't too good as i instantly figured out that she was Lena's mom. (-1) However she is just amazing at being evil. +2

One thing i have never gotten with Lex Luthor is how he is one of the smartest minds on the planet, yet he can't see past a simple pair of glasses. However it was recently explained to me that his ego is what prevents him from seeing the truth. Makes sense right? However we see Kara pulling this and making Lena look so stupid because she cannot figure it out despite not having the same ego Lex does, but having his vast intellect. -2

Mon-El is rewarded for taking advantage of people and gets a dance out of that. What kind of message is Supergirl sending to people?! -2

Kara now has to fight the evil guys with ray guns once again. This time, they are finally stopped by the strange, yet awesome duo of Winn and Lena. +2

Lillian's epic murder of Mr. Miner. +1

Alex comes out as gay to her future girlfriend. It is less of a retcon and more of a save because she had no sign of being gay before now, but they changed it so all of her lack of dating from last season suddenly becomes part of her realizing her sexuality. Nice save CW, nice save. +1

Kara and Lena's friendship is developing further. +1

8/10 is the score for the episode. However i got Winn to make me a bonus round. I promised him i would get it out later, but... nah.

James for hyping me up for further heroics. +1

Mon-El still being allowed to continue doing his thing which is a bad thing as shown by this episode. -2

Winn for telling James top secret government info just because he asked. -1

Kara for ripping off that section about strip clubs. +1

7/10 is the final score. Join me next time for Parasitic villainy!