Fight clubs and Martians galore! Let us start the review.

So the episode starts with the destruction of Daxam. It is pretty impressive for TV and i have been tired of explosions and destruction a lot of the time after Transformers movies. (+1) Now when we cut to present day, Mon-El is telling the story like he was talking about a family arguement rather than the death of his prince. Now this might be bad acting on Chris Wood's part, but due to knowing that Mon-El is the prince of Daxam, i know that it is actually forshadowing. +1

Kara is being a big jerk yet again. This guy lost his whole race and she is just telling stories about how his family sucks. Later on when Mon-El is wrong in the show, she is perfectly okay with it though. Where is the consistensy? -1

So we then see Kara trying to make a story on the current alien death going on with Snapper telling her she still has much to learn. Love how Snapper is showing that there is more than reporting than just something happening and putting that thing in a newspaper with a catchy headline to make it cool. Most shows don't show that. +1

J'onn now is eager to spend time with M'gaan, however he feels that she doesn't want to do the bond. Even though she has a perfectly okay reason not to. She is a busy bartender. Just because she is busy does not mean she doesn't want to do the bond. -1

Now Winn has found an alien that might have killed the victim inside that trunk from earlier. He also offers to call a strike team to help Alex, however because she has a crush on Maggie, she is just going with her even though this is a potentially dangerous alien. I would take that strike team if i were her. (-1) So after the beating she got from the baddies for making that decision, we have a touching scene with Alex, Kara, and J'onn bonding about the Martian ways that are lost to the world. +2


So we see Kara talking to Siri Mom who weirdly dissapears forever after this episode. So it is good to see her last moments on the show. (+1) Kara and Mon-El have a conversation about Earth customs and it seems that Mon-El is just the butt of all the jokes here now. That isn't good humor. -1

So Alex and Maggie go to an alien fight club to find out who was behind the murder. Turns out it is DC villain Roulette. (+2) She is setting up her latest match, the alien from earlier vs. Miss Martian! +2

J'onn finds out about Roulette's operation and that M'gann is involved. He goes in and hates that she is not preserving her Martian past. This is a very heart breaking arguement and was very shocking. +1

They decided to shoehorn a Halloween theme into this episode by having Winn and Mon-El go partying. -1

So Supergirl is faced with a dilemma from Roulette that she can't really stop the fights. Interesting having a threat called racism that not even Supergirl can beat. +1

Supergirl is blamed for Mon-El's actions. More where this comes from from the Daxamite that gets worse all the time. -1

Lena Luthor may not be evil, but she certainly acts like she is secretly. Wonderful acting by Katie to keep us on our toes when watching her. +1

Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter fight! If i went to that fight club, i would pay all my cash to see that up close. (+2) Next we see Kara getting up in the ranks as a reporter! +1

Mon-El is now Kara's purpose in the show. Basically making it so she needs this guy in her life to have a purpose when it is her show. Unbelievable! -2

Miss Martian is revealed to secretly be a White Martian! Nice to see them being accurate to the comics whenever possible. (+1) Shame it can't be with Maggie Sawyer.

9/10, a solid episode, except i got a bonus round stored up for the fight club.

Mon-El, just all of him trying the Thor thing by not knowing Earth customs and them doing the jokes horribly. -2

War World Reference. +1

Roulette saying she plays safe bets only for her to kidnap people out in the daytime and show her face. -1

Final Score is a 7/10, next we'll see James get his hero on!