Now first i have to adress that this episode starts a relationship that i personally have a problem with. It isn't because i am homophobic. It is because of my ship of Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer. Also i am not going to adress the dumb "political controversy" of the episode because it doesn't exist and it is just in people's heads.

So we start with Mon-El ripping the new D.EO base apart and escaping. This is kinda funny since the D.E.O just got rid of their kryptonite a few minutes ago. J'onn picked wrong here. +1

So right after that massive breakout, the President is arriving soon. (This show moves a little too fast sometimes) J'onn is having Supergirl represent the entire D.E.O herself. This is alot of pressure for just one person. J'onn should really tone it down because even the Girl of Steel can't take it all. -1

J'onn also is feeling that the president wanting aliens to be free citizens is a bad idea considering humans have a bad habit of accepting change. J'onn has a very good point on the subject and an interesting arc. +1

James is then starting his own arc where he is trying to make his own mark at Catco and earn his position as head of it. Only problem is Snapper is acting like he is in charge, though not one person points out otherwise. Kinda strange. -1

Now we finally get to meet President Lynda Carter AKA Wonder Woman! (+3) However this reunion with the past princess of the amazons is interrupted by an alien attack stopped by Supergirl. +2

We now see the President and J'onn debating about alien rights. Also it shows Olivia being a hypocrite because she isn't living as her alien self either. (-1) They both show their own side of the arguement where Olivia has lived in a world with nice beings from beyond the stars while J'onn has fought the killers that have destroyed his own home. +1

We now see that the D.E.O is worse than S.H.I.E.L.D at staying a secret to the public cause Maggie Sawyer easily found out. (-1) Also Maggie Sawyer! +1


So apparently the D.E.O is like the public library because Kara can use their computers to work on reporting. I know J'onn is a nice guy, but there has to be protocols for this sort of thing. -1

Next we see Mon-El again and oddly enough, he is pretty nice in the first episode he is awake in. It is Kara that is the big jerk at the beginning. -1

Lynda Carter is the best fictional president ever. Maybe Alfred. E. Newman from MAD comes second place. (+2) After the President's legendary speech, an attack ensues with Supergirl pulling off a classic Wonder Woman move. +3

So Maggie was kidnapped by the attacker and the superfriends battle against the very forgettable foe. (-1) Still Supergirl showcased her powers all cool like usual. +2

Jimmy is really showing what kind of boss he is, ending the B-plot well. +1

Mon-El is told to be the last of his race, which the reaction to it is done brilliantly by Chris Wood. +1

The President is revealed to be some sort of alien Wonder Woman! She has the jet, somewhere... +2

J'onn is encouraged to hang with aliens more. However a lot of the ones here are as forgettable as the Hellgramite from Season one. (-2) However one of them is different, it is... Miss Martian! +3

This episode is at a 14/10, Lynda Carter wanted me to sign my bonus round act though.

Mon-El's jokes are just not that good. Don't understand how people like this guy. -2

Supergirl protecting her secret identity, but making Lena lose on a massive profit. Not a nice friend. -2

The show is going way too fast on the Alex and Maggie Sawyer storyline. -1

9/10, the final score! Next time we see the team get mixed up in more alien business. Though don't talk about it, it is a fight club after all.