So i am finally reviewing Supergirl again. I did so back on the Supergirl wiki, and now i'm finally allowed to do it here. Did all of Season one and this season should be a bigger challenge. (BTW I'm stopping with the Legends reviews, don't have time) So now let us start the review.

So the episode starts with a recap of Season one. Pretty solid one. Really got me hyped the first time seeing it. I'm not putting a point on for it cause it technically isn't part of the episode, but still fun.

So it leaves off with the pod from the last episode, and they add a cool action sequence that makes it seem like the CW lied about losing money. (+2) Now we finally figured out who was in the pod. It was... just some guy. They could have made the mystery a little more enticing. Maybe he doesn't look Kryptonian when it comes to his outfit. I just wish they could have somehow make it work better.

Now we see how the alien is doing when we go to the D.E.O. However this one doesn't look like some base from Alias like the last one, it looks like a sci-fi church mixed with the Justice League Watchtower. There are some problems with it though. Why didn't they go to it last season since their main asset is a solar powered superhero? Why does Kara care if a bat bit her in the last one when she probably hurt the bat's teeth with her steel skin? (-2)

So they have this clever thing where they have this new D.E.O base as a metaphor for the change in networks from CBS to CW. Which is clever, just doesn't have the best subtlety. +1

Cat Grant asks Kara once again for what she wants out of her life. (BTW Did the show just forget about Kara's new office from season one?) Kara watched a Buzzfeed video on People trying jobs and chooses a really bad job. Seriously, i would hate if Kara actually took that job cause marketing sucks. Cat rightfully says it is dumb. (Though if she hates it, then why does she have marketing to begin with?) She gives Kara her legendary Cat speeches afterwards. +1


Next out of unfortunate circumstances, FREAKING SUPERMAN! (+3) He comes in and both him and Kara save the day for the first time. Legendary moment right there. Superman also allows the other main cast members to meet him which is cool. One thing that was a little weird was Alex messing with Kara by pretending to be attracted to Superman. It is espiecally weird after the following episodes. -1

So we see the last of the main cast meet the Man of Steel in his Clark Kent identity. Which it was very nostalgic to see Jimmy and Clark together. (+2) We then see Cat Grant is obsessed with Clark. (Bringing back more nostalgic Superman memories) Then we learn that Cat sent a drunk text to Clark. I feel this is kind of out of Clark's character to do this unless he was asking for Jimmy's help getting Cat to work after her being drunk. So unless they explain this in more Superman related episodes, i am taking a point off. -1


Clark and Kara visit Lena and we sort of see the parallels in Lena's character to Kara. This is a good addition to the cast of characters. (+1) We then see the good relationship between Kara and Clark. Which as someone with cousins, i can see that they did it well. +1

Alex is starting to mistrust J'onn yet again after learning he discovered Kryptonite. What is weird about that is that Alex had no problem using a Kryptonite sword in the last season. Her arguement is mute. -1

The villain of the episode shows his face for the first time. British Metallo! I loved how they made Metallo british again just like in the Superman animated series. So yeah, this was cool. (+2) Not only that, but they referenced Gotham City. (That family is so going to die in an alley if they go back to that place +1)

We go back to Catco for more Cat Grant speeches, they are still amazing. Shame they will be gone soon. +2

So Lena believes that removing 5 letters from her company's name is going to change the public's opinion? Luckily this is fictional cause i don't think that would really happen. -1

Superman and Supergirl save the day after Corben's second attack. (seriously, maybe wait a few days Corben -1) After getting a building put back together, they catch Corben. +1


So we find out which job Kara chose and suprise, she wants to be a reporter! I found this predictable cause there is plenty of jobs in the media business, but only two are known about by the typical people who watch TV shows. It is sad that the other jobs don't get represented. (-1) Also Cat Grant is really lying when she says she swears a lot everyday. Has anyone ever heard her swear on the show? Yes, i know that it is for younger audiences, but if it is, don't claim that your characters do that when we know they don't.

The end of the episode has James break up with Kara, which is a shame, i wanted it to work out. The reason why they do is obvious that the creators changed their minds last minute. -1

They finally recruit Winn to the D.E.O! This is something i wanted back when i reviewed Season one, and they finally did it! It is like they checked out my stuff before making this season. I better voice my complaints before season three starts. +1

It was very emotional that we had Clark wanting to know from Kara about Krypton. It makes me realize that through all of Superman media, he is learning his culture and family through holograms and never remembered the real thing. +1

Metallo transformation! Most epic thing ever! +2

So that was my opinion on Season two's first episode. It gets a 12/10. However Supergirl and Superman expect a bonus round, and i don't want the hurt.

References to the original Superman movie were really good and well done. Espiecally the one about flying. +1

Did we really have to make another time stopping zone in the universe? -1

Another great reference to Toyman from Season one. +1

13/10 is the final score, expect some more and enjoy them all.