So this New Year is going to be fun. With Supergirl eventually returning, i better get to my reviews.

Episode leads to much forshadowing of the Music Meister. Along with a little reference to the film Man of Steel when having our mysterious invader Rhea contact the human race by static TV's. +1

Supergirl contacts the mystery invaders from Daxam only to be brought down by bubbles of all the things. Still, pretty cool CGI on the alien space ship. This seems like something right out of a sci-fi film. +1

Mon-El seems to just be delaying the inevitable when it comes to his reveal to Kara. Which ends up causing fun hijinks with an awkward dinner between them all. And by fun i mean ridiculous. There are a couple of reasons for why this as antagonists go doesn't work. The primary reason is them being introduced late. We are at Episode 16 keep in mind. And we have just learned of these people's existence last episode. (-1) One thing i do like about them however will be revealed later.

So Kara is understandably pissed about everything with Mon-El. How he was just having sex before the destruction of his whole world. How he allowed the death of a man just to get him out of there. Mon-El tried to pass off his lying by saying that "You would never accept the truth". However every character in fiction that says that usually is worse off for lying. -1

After the aliens invading and hovering above National City are just... ignored, we then see that Winn's girlfriend Lyra has framed Winn for theft using a very convenient alien ability. Now Kara decides to work together with the Superfriends again to solve the case. So now she finally is over her hate of James's crime fighting. +1


Kara is now told by Rhea that she wants Mon-El to rebuild Daxam. So Kara then starts a little arguement with Rhea for Mon-El to live on Earth instead. Nice to know that despite her relationship problems with the guy, Kara is willing to put that aside for the greater good of Earth. +1

Guardian, Alex, and Winn go on a hunt for an intergalactic art smuggling operation. (A plotline i never thought to be a thing) They try to take her down, but turns out that Lyra was only betraying Winn to help her brother. Winn is left in conflict about what to do next in a good scene with J'onn. +2

They then end up taking down the leader of this gang known as Mandrax with the help of Guardian and Alex. Saving both Lyra and her brother. (+2) The show then proceeds to compare this situation with Mon-El's lies. -2

Mon-El teleports onto the Daxamite ship. Now deciding to be selfless suddenly. He is on his way to finally becoming Season 3 Mon-El. +1

The Music Meister finally appears at the end of the episode with a cool escape sequence by hypnotizing Kara and using the Dimensional Extrapolator to escape to Earth One. I admit he isn't as cool as this Music Meister...

But he is still awesome. +2

Episode score is a 7/10. However the Music Meister has a new bonus score working up in his reality.

I felt that James just getting thrown around was not the best use of his character. -1

The Metropolis Center of the Arts. A Superman reference is good when it is once and a while. Which is what they do in the series now in Season 2 and onward. +1

The lack of any threatening nature from our main villains, the Daxamites. I expected more from the first introduction of our main villains and i didn't really get it. -1

Final Episode score is a 6/10. Next we hop over to the Flash again temporarily for a musical crossover event.