Supergirl is not a show that originally aired on the CW, but due to it's welcome into the network we worship, it is time for some catching up. It is time for me to review Supergirl.

Being a guy myself doesn't change my opinion of it as a fan of the Super-Mythos. However i will be giving an unbiased opinion to Supergirl due to everyone needing to know if it's worth continuing with her adventures on the CW. Now let's find out!

The show starts on Krypton and tells the origin of both Superman and Supergirl, which is unavoidable when you are telling the story to new Super-lovers. The special effects are great, and it works. Kara falls into the phantom zone which delays her travel so that she doesn't screw up the Superman origin, when she leaves, she brings the villians of the week with her. After landing, she sees that her cousin already grew up. Superman then gives her to the Danvers, who have a human daughter of their own. This is a nice little difference from traditional canon to give Supergirl a bigger supporting cast. So far with the origin i will give two points for a heartwarming origin and good special effects, the second point being for adding Dean Cain and Helen Slater as Kara's foster parents. (former super actors) So i give the ep's beginning a 2/10, so far it's pretty good.

Kara believes that Earth doesn't need her to be a hero, (cause one is enough to save everyone) So she goes to her job where they have her deal with assistant problems. Her boss is Cat Grant, who has a real pessimistic look on life. As shown by her first appearance on the show, she is also competing against the Daily Planet for top news. Cat and Kara also bring up the Man of Steel and how Cat needs a competitor to him to save the tribune. (Don't know much about how news works, let's move on) Kara has to get layouts from Jimmy Olsen, (Who is black and muscular) she introduces herself very awkwardly. Jimmy, (Oh wait James, i forgot that was a thing now) brings up more references to Superman which due to Jimmy catching on to her true identity, she leaves and is in love with him cause of course. Now everyone hates the fact that Jimmy is an overly muscular guy. I feel it's the character growing up from Superman, and is older and wants to be stronger. No points are really awarded for that, since the character just being who he is doesn't do that. However i am going to take away a point for the thousands of Super-references, it's just too much, thankfully they find a better compromise later but still. However the score changes when you add the acting talents of Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant which gives the score an extra two points. Mecad Brooks is great as James Olsen so that is the third aditional point. So far it's 4/10, believe me, it's going down soon.

Our hero Kara has a date and the typical cliches come with it, Kara picks out her outfit with her sister. She hates her boss, she even groans cliche-like. Even the date itself goes poorly cliche. Taking two points off for this tragedy. She notices on the news that the plane her sister Alex is on has engine failure, and is going to crash. She flies up to save the day and looks awesome while doing it. The special effects are amazing too so i'm adding an extra point for that. After Kara has saved her sister, Alex feels she shouldn't go out in the open with her powers. They have a very emotional moment there that i'm adding a point for. It goes down though when Kara tries to reveal to her friend Winn that she saved the plane. It goes poorly and they insert a terible gay joke. (-1 point)

She goes through a couple of costumes with Winn, including the one that she wore when she died in Crisis on Infinite Earths. (+1 for that) She goes towards a fire, attempting to put it out. However the D.E.O loves arson, so they shoot her with kryptonite and bring her to their base. There is where Supergirl meets the grumpy Hank Henshaw, she also discovers that her sister works for the D.E.O. She learns from Henshaw about alien criminals that came down from the Phatom Zone and crashed on Earth. She fights one of them in an amazing battle, (+2) however she lossed her first fight and her confidence. Alex gives her a hologram of her mother, who boosts up her confidence and Kara misses her more, which made me sad too. (+1) Kara fights the Fort Razz prisoner and takes him down in a spectacular battle. (+2) Jimmy gives Kara a blanket that Superman was wrapped in at the end of the episode. (supes is lazy -1)

Now the extras that i'll add are right here at the end, minor problems

Henshaw's sexist nature at the end to Kara -1

Kara's hate agains't the name Supergirl because feminism -1

Here is the final score, a 6/10.

Supergirl was slightly above average on her first outing but there is still more to come.

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