I thought it would be fun to find out which superhero is a match for the people here on this wiki. Considering that love is always the subject of the episodes. (except Arrow recently) I have looked for some superhero partners in life from the CW DC universe. This list is for men, women, and young people. Let me know which one you picked down in the comments.

(The guy's choices)

1. Thea Queen

2. Kendra Saunders

3. Sara Lance

There would have been more options if Supergirl stuff was on the list.

(The young guy's choices)

1. Jesse Quick

2. Evelyn Sharp

There is even less options on this list. Oddly enough, the CW is the young people's network.

(The girl's choices)

1. Oliver Queen

2. Barry Allen

3. Sara Lance (I'm not judging)

(The young girl's choices)

1. Wally West

2. Rory Regan

Choose wisely boys and girls of all ages. BTW i put in links so you can learn more about your potential soul mate.