So right now the world of the show Supergirl is currently another Earth away from the world of the shows Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. But what if that wasn't the case? What would happen if these worlds merged together? More importantly after i list the changes, should they happen?

First i should start with what would happen in National City in terms of character building. Guardian AKA James Olsen lives in a world where vigilantism is frowned upon unless you have superpowers. However in this new merged Earth, James never would have had to deal with that and Supergirl would be working with James and Winn once again.

Another thing that would change is the media on the Flash. Don't forget that in National City, the Flash is still called the Blur to the public. However because big picture news (Really it was Iris) released the name of the Flash, Catco would have never have that name released. The Flash would just be the Flash to National City.

Finally in some way, Supergirl would be affected by Flashpoint as a result of this merge. As it being merged with Earth One means it has to deal with whenever Barry changes the timeline. Not sure how things would change, but you guys can speculate down below.

In the world of the Flash and Arrow though, many things would happen. For starters, the history of aliens would be known to the world long before the Dominators would arrive. Along with the fact that Metropolis and National City would be populated with these aliens. History of Supergirl, Superman, and Guardian's heroics would be more well known to our heroes.

Lastly, our heroes would have no memory of when these Earths were not merged. The crossovers we saw would just have Barry run into National City by his regular speed instead of teleportation by tachyon device. Same with the Invasion crossover.

So another question is does anybody want this to happen? Personally by what i listed out, i don't believe it would cause major continuity hiccups. Aside from whatever Flashpoint change happens on Supergirl. Anyway what do you all think should be?