So i now think i can pinpoint where this season might be heading with the Flash's overall plot. Now first i will say that at first before the announcement, i thought that Caitlin would be the antagonist this season because Devoe seemed like an easter egg. Plus i feel what is the point when they know how to beat him? Well i figured that out. So lets get started.

Wally has been wearing Barry's suit for a while in order to keep up appearances. (Even vibrating his face so nobody figures out that the Flash is gone) So far doing all right and believing he can be Barry's replacement. However Cisco worries if another threat like Savitar will come up again, and urges Wally to spend more time training instead of crime fighting. Wally feels angry at Cisco because of this and feels that he is doing this just to be in the spotlight as Vibe.

Meanwhile at the police department. The attack from the Speed Force storm is leading to new types of metahumans. Leading to Singh to bring in one of the most clever detectives alive at the precinct Clifford. This has Joe have a strange dynamic where he is trying to be nice to Clifford, but Clifford wishes to not hang with such an inferior mind in his eyes.

Iris is encouraging Wally to get at it and be the Flash despite Cisco's warnings. This leads to the team battling the Samuroid. The newest meta created by the Storm. Wally is beaten up and Iris is desperately trying to find a way to get Barry back. They then find out that the Thinker is the one who is using all the metas for his plans. Joe gets some leads with Clifford about him operating at an old warehouse. Wally races there, but then finds out that Clifford is the Thinker. He then gets beaten up by Thinker after he puts on his thinking cap. Wally is saved by Cisco and then they finally figure out how to rescue Barry. They lure Samuroid into a trap which leads him into replacing Barry in the speed force.

They get through meta after meta as part of the season's storyline. Iris and Barry deal with some problems in their relationship due to their conflicting ways of leading the team, but they work through it. Caitlin joins back on and realizes there are others affected by the particle accelerator that have experienced loss just like her. She searches for them so she can feel better inside. Finding herself feeling more guilty because of her finding out that most have died. She begins to give up hope in her quest until she meets Ralph Dibny. He got his powers and was a pile of nothing for a year until he combined himself back together. He joins the team as Elongated Man for an episode or two before eventually wishing to be with someone who treated him with the same kindness as Caitlin did.

Team Flash finally find information about Clifford. (He erases his full name from the internet because he has figured out Team Flash knows about his future self due to him mind controlling Wally for one episode) They find out about his full name and take Savitar's advice. Using a cerebral inhibitor to shut down his brain temporarily. However Devoe has planned for this. If his brain ever shuts off, he has made an exact copy of his mind into an A.I with help from the Mechanic. Team Flash has just created a whole new problem when their equipment is gone due to a city wide blackout in the midseason finale after Clifford becomes an A.I.

Did you enjoy this concept of what the season could be? Would you want to see more of it? Do you have your own ideas of how it should go? Put it down below.