This is this week's episodes for the ranking. Also here is last week's ranking.

So this is my first time doing this so hopefully i do it right. I gathered the characters i find knocked it out of the park in the episode. However there are some i didn't put on.

  • Kara Danvers: Kara despite having tons of amazing abilities didn't showcase them that much during the episode. This was mostly James's time in the sun.
  • J'onn J'onzz: Hank had helped Guardian in this episode and out of his funk, but wasn't that impressive enough to earn a spot on this list. He easily got taken out by Rhea.
  • Caitlin Snow: She mostly was put to the sidelines despite having a major role last time, so now is the first time she won't make the list.
Previous Rank Current Rank Name Image Notes
     -      1 James Olsen
James made a good achievement as a hero by proving he can be one without the suit. Being able to break through to Marcus and saving the day.
      -      2 Derek Sampson
Derek Sampson
Derek once again returned in this episode as an extremely powerful member of Prometheus's team. He withstood gunshots from Wild Dog and some dangerous chemicals fell on his arms and he didn't even flinch.
      1      3 Barry Allen
Savitar reveals himself to The Flash
Barry had handled a lot of problems, but seeing himself as his enemy is probably one of his hardest ones. He also had to handle losing all of his memories and having to struggle to gain them all back. His future self, Savitar has also had to deal with this problem of losing his memories, but still survived as a threat.
      -       4 Marcus
Marcus despite just being a little kid, is capable of great destruction with his powers. So much so that our heroes at the D.E.O have to keep him in constant containment.
      8       5 Rhea
Rhea expertly kept her true intentions a secret allowing her to finish her plan to make National City into New Daxam. She also managed to stop Mon-El from killing her and trapped J'onn J'onzz in his own mind.
      5       6 Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen
Oliver has nearly completed his five years in hell in the flashbacks, somehow surviving through it all. Present day Oliver has managed to get through knowing that his dad is a killer and despite this, managed to reintroduce himself as the Green Arrow to battle Prometheus.
      -       7 Iris West
Iris West
Iris now deals with a lot of things like her about to die, this one is bigger cause Barry loses all his memories and Iris has to choose which Barry she wants. She chooses the right choice despite not wanting to give up positive Barry.
     4      8 Curtis Holt
Curtis Holt
Curtis did well to save the day despite being under pressure numerous times as Mr. Terrific. Once saving Oliver and Diggle, and another saving the city. He truly was terrific.
     3      9 Simon Morrison/Adrian Chase/Prometheus

Prometheus once again managed to match Oliver equally in combat and managed to have a decieving scheme to prove a point about Oliver's father. Although he got captured, it seems it isn't the end for Adrian.

      -      10 Tracy Brand
Tracy Brand
Tracy Brand managed to build a device to trap Savitar in the speed force and stop him from killing Iris. With the helpful advice from HR, she managed to do it. This is something she only managed to do in the future, but now she has done it much earlier.

So that is my list and i hope you enjoyed it. Though there are some from Toctep's list that i couldn't include.

  • Rick MalverneRick was a one-off villain from last week's Supergirl and therefore did nothing impressive except maybe make Alex hungry for that burger in this episode.
  • Lyla MichaelsDespite Prometheus being imprisoned at A.R.G.U.S, Lyla had nothing much to do with his capture.
  • Cisco RamonHe was the one that caused Barry to have amnesia so he really didn't do too much good in the episode. Unless you count someone giving his friend amnesia as some powerful thing and not just a mistake like i'm counting it as.
  • HR WellsHe mostly was playing his charms rather than with inspiration. Unlike the last few episodes. Tracy was the one who really took charge in this situation.

So this was fun and i hope this continues maybe next year?