So Guggienheim has said that in order to top the alien invasion that happened last crossover, he is going to make this one personal. I was thinking, since when have the Justice League ever faced a personal threat? Then i started this theory. They did Invasion last time, this time it is Forever Evil. The story where the Justice League's evil counterparts known as the Crime Synicate are introduced. This story will probably be very personal for our heroes. Now lets learn the players...

Kara Zor-El AKA Ultra Girl

So basically this version of Ultra Girl would be very different from the comics. This one would be just like Supergirl until the episode Falling. That is where Supergirl goes out of control, but on E-52 Alex never saves her sister.

Supergirl destroys the weapon that cures her of the Red Kryptonite. She now is forevor turned into a monster. Killing her friends and family. Becoming a dictator. Even taking control of Non's kryptonian army. She later teamed with the Crime Syndicate. Just like in the episode Falling, Red-K Kara is psychotic, seductive, and mean.

Kara's personal journey against her evil counterpart will be proving to her team that she won't abuse her power.

Kara black outfit

This side of Kara was amazingly acted by Melissa Benoist. Really would love to see it again

Barry Allen AKA Godspeed

This will be Barry up to the point of him holding Savitar up and almost killing him with his own suit. However on E-52, Barry kills Savitar. He later denies Savitar that he has become him, however as he uses the suit to fight crime as it has been useful in stopping the Rogues, he starts to hear Savitar's voice. Slowly telling him that becoming a god was what he was meant to be. Barry also hears Wellsobard constantly telling him to go faster. He does, seperating himself from his friends and family just so he can get to the maximum speed. His armor turns yellow instead of red. He now has god levels of speed. Just like Savitar, this Barry has a god complex. He is utterly detached from humanity and others. He also wishes for our Barry to become him as well.

Barry's personal journey against his evil counterpart is to realize that Savitar isn't a part of him anymore and that he is the hero, not the villain.

Barry defeats Savitar

Just replace the color red with yellow cause that is what i have in mind.

Al-Sah-Him AKA The Arrow

Oliver has been completely brainwashed by the League and destroyed Star City with the Omega-Virus. On E-52, he never turned back to good. He has also forcibly had Nyssa as his wife. He is cold blooded and just like Ra's, doesn't care who he hurts and will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal.

Oliver's personal journey against his evil counterpart is to show William that he isn't the person he used to be.

Oliver reveals the new Arrowcave to the team

Since the theme of this upcoming season is family, why not show an alternate universe Oliver who stopped having that?

Ronnie Raymond and Jefferson Jackson AKA Deathstorm

Ronnie died on E-1 when he saved Central City, however on E-52 Ronnie had become a sort of ghost of the Firestorm matrix. He searched for a worthy host until he found Jefferson Jackson, he had possessed him and became a villain since his brain was corrupted when he became a ghost. Team Flash and Martin Stein came up with a plan to merge Stein with Henry Hewitt into the hero known as Firestorm. He was then Deathstorm's archenemy. Deathstorm still hates Godspeed for helping in creating his archenemy.

Jacks and Stein's personal journey is to work together to stop this evil version of Raymond. Stein is showing restraint however due to the villain having the face of his former partner.


Would love to see the two Firestorms battling it out.

Felicity Kuttler AKA Atomica

Felicity had been living with her father for her life instead of her mother. She had become a villain just like him when she infiltrated Palmer Tech and stole Ray's A.T.O.M suit. Using it to become the most powerful hacker the world has ever seen. Being able to get inside a computer and easily escape any secure network. She is the tech support of the Crime Synicate.

Felicity, Cisco, Caitlin, and Winn will try to compete to see who is the best hacker and to prove it, they'll see who can stop Atomica.

Felicity Smoak in the Doomworld reality

This scene is probably not the only time we'll see Felicity in a costume, though this time it is as the villain.


So it starts with Supergirl getting into a car chase when a sudden portal appears. It causes the car to crash and Supergirl finds that the ones that opened the portal come out. Cisco, Oliver, and Barry. They warn Team Supergirl to be ready for an attack coming out of a breach. The D.E.O arms up and the superheroes prep as well. Supergirl, Vibe, J'onn, Flash, Alex, Green Arrow, and Guardian. A portal comes up at the D.E.O hedquarters as Cisco predicted, with Ultra Girl coming out. Team Supergirl is very confused. However they fight this dobbleganger, leading to their defeat. Kara is beaten by her counterpart and some D.E.O agents are injured severely. They eventually manage to make a temporary containment device that contains Ultra Girl long enough so the Earth One heroes, Kara, Winn, J'onn, and Alex can go to Earth One.

The next part of it is on the Flash.

This part has the heroes face off against the complete Crime Syndicate. Having Team Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl against them. Meanwhile the Legends go to find out who is providing the Syndicate with info about our heroes. They find out it is Atomica who is guidng the team from their temporary lair in Star City. In retaliation for capturing Atomica, the Crime Syndicate captures Spartan and brings him to E-52. They say that they will reveal his secret identity to the world of E-1 unless they give up Atomica, stand down, and allow the Syndicate to destroy E-1. The episode ends on this threat.

Next part is on Legends since it is on Tuesday now.

The Legends have a plan to allow them to free John and beat the Synicate. They go back in time with Supergirl and the Flash's help to when the Syndicate's members were young. Once they go, they find that they are chased by Godspeed, eventually they realize they are unsucsessful at stopping them in this way. Instead they track Godspeed back to his lair and rescue John.

Final battle is on Arrow

The team is ready to battle the Syndicate with all they got, but Oliver is attacked by his dobbleganger. He then convinces Al-Sah-Him that he made the wrong choice in killing those he loved. This convinces him to make a new deal that the heroes can take. A trial by combat for the fate of Earth One. Oliver accepts and fights his dobbleganger at Nanda Parbat. He wins and the Syndicate are imprisoned. Afterwards, Team Flash state the question. "What if this happens again?" Cisco then uses the S.T.A.R labs satelite codenamed the Watchtower to watch for alien, and multiversal threats. When they find one, Cisco activates the Justice League protocol. (Oliver remarks that the name is okay) The team party it out. They contemplate whether they could become like the Syndicate themselves. Kara in her usual positive spirit, denies that something like that would happen. Most agree, but Oliver remains cautious. At the end of the episode, Oliver brings Jefferson and Martin into the Arrowcave. Oliver tells them of some things Barry found on Kara's Earth, talking about one thing in paticular, and tells them to transmutate his arrows into ones made.. of Kryptonite. Martin and Jefferson do it, but don't like that they did. Oliver attempts to calm them when he holds it up and says...

"It's a precaution"

So that is my theory on the crossover event. Do you agree? Did you wish my idea was different? Share yours down below.