So this is my second crossover review i am doing after the Supergirl/Flash one i did back during season one. This is a crossover with the world of Arrow. Now like i usually do with these crossovers i do a quick recap to fill you in on the character crossing over.

Done? Ok, lets start the review. So the episode starts where the last one ended, with some future Green Arrow trying to kill the Legends. (looks like Barry isn't the only one with a murderous future self) This guy is deploying some acrobatic moves that are even more impressive than Oliver's moves. And Stephen Amell was on American Ninja Warrior so this guy must be impressive. +1

The Legends go back to the ship after the arrow attack because they are cowards. We learn that this future isn't set in stone and that Rip reccomends that they leave after repairs are done. Sara thinks that she should be able look at the future that may or may not happen while they look for parts to fix the Waverider. Rip understandably says no to this, but Sara threatens him so she can make her horrible decision. -1

So we go back to the B-plot on repairs on the Waverider, but turns out it is just the creator's elaborate ploy for some pointless romance. Do we really need a love triangle in a show about a team of superheroes travelling through time? -2


We later see our team go further into Star City, seeing more of the destruction. Criminals going around on bikes like they are the foot ninjas from TMNT. Future Green Arrow comes out to help, but gets shot cause he forgot those moves from earlier. Sara leaves and Rip follows, but they tell Snart and Rory to stay. (When will they learn? +1) The two crooks find some 2046 criminals and Mick takes the power from their leader by burning him and stealing his coat. +1

Sara finds the Green Arrow, and he is oddly trusting to the person that he tried to kill earlier cause he revealed that Oliver died. However before Sara can ask the who/what/how/when, we see Deathstroke! +3


So Deathstroke pulls an Obi-Wan by saying that Slade is a name he has not heard in a long time. (Your rivals are going to sue you WB -1) He takes off his mask to show that he is actually Grant Wilson. +1

We go back to the horrid love triangle plot and it is just getting so dumb that the creators pointed out the problem with it. Using Stein as their way of explaining the stupidity of it. The problem is that they are still continuing it. They don't take their own lessons! -2

We also check on Mick and Snart, seeing that Mick has gone power mad and Snart has a heart somewhere in that cold chell. +1

The team gets a lead on the parts for the Waverider, the lead is OLD OLIVER QUEEN! (+3) Not only is this revealed but we get two more reveals. Connor Hawke being the future Green Arrow, and him being Diggle's son. +2


Connor has become the Green Arrow cause he blames Oliver for not protecting Star City despite Connor knowing that Ollie lost an arm. It is staring you in the face Connor! -1

So Ray thinks that just because Carter is dead, he should make a move on Kendra. That is just.. weird. Nobody does that after their crush loses their boyfriend unless they have no soul. I know he was Hawkman, but still. (-1) Finally they find the part they need to fix the Waverider, but somehow Grant knew where they were. Rip just gives up on convincing Sara to not stay and help, and she goes off to be a hero. (Something Rip needs to remember to do -1)


Grant plans to execute Connor Hawke, however the Legends and Oliver come to save the day in a pretty amazing action scene. Allowing for another confrontation between Oliver and Deathstroke. This also allowed the Green Arrow torch to be passed to Connor. +3

So this was my review of this episode. I give it an 8/10, however Oliver feels i have failed this city if i don't do a bonus round.

+1 for Arrow music being cleverly used in the episode.

+2 for more amazing acting shown by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.

-1 for terrible romance plot that just didn't work even up to it's conclusion.

10/10 is the final score. Supergirl and Legends reviews will continue soon.