So this episode ends our time with Russia and stops the stupid bickering between Stein and Jacks. Lets see how it accomplishes both.

We start the episode with the Russians making Stein build a therma core to create Soviet Firestorms. They do this by having him hallucinate S.T.A.R labs with Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon appearing in the hallucination. (+2) Martin basically tells them a lot of info on the therma core until he discovers that the Cisco he is with isn't exactly the same as the real thing. Cause apparently Cisco isn't that respectful to Stein in real life. Regardless it was pretty cool that Stein spent enough time with Vibe to know the difference. +1

The drugs wear off and Cisco is shown to really be Valantina. (That is why he ate all of Caitlin's strawberry jello!) Vandal comes in to give a threatening speach of Vandal's torture methods, but it doesn't work cause Stein has also gained the power of not getting heart attacks from the particle accelerator. Still he and Vandal just ruled that scene with their talent. +1


Jacks feels guilty on getting Stein thrown in jail. Which he should cause he was the cause of that. So far his start as Firestorm isn't that good. -1

Snart, Gideon, Sara, and Rip plan to rescue their comrades by getting assistance from the Bratva. (Oliver tried that and it toootally worked) We get the info needed and an Anatoly cameo. +1

We then have the team briefed on the plan to stop Savage and save the team. (Also a Prison Break reference +1) However Rip tells Sara that she should murder Martin if there is no chance to get him out. Even though if she gets in killing range of him, she could totally rescue him. It is kind of ridiculous that she thinks she can't save him. Even Captain Cold thinks this is stupid. -2


So we then see what is going on in prison when Ray and Rory are brought into their cells. Ray acts like he never heard of a prison before. Like seriously, is he so cut off from the world as a billionaire that he hasn't at least seen a prison movie? -1

Later, we get back to Stein who gets messages from Jacks through a method used by Ronnie on the Flash. (+2) Meanwhile Ray and Rory get tortured, Ray protecting Rory as usual. Showing his great heroism. +1

Rip now initiates his plan to break into the gulag and rescue his team. Snart tries to convince Sara to not kill Stein, but she is still in stupid-murderer-mode. However they did make that funny Sara-always-dies joke so i forgive them. +1

Stein gives in and gives the Soviets the key to ruining the future. However he first gives them a history lesson on their downfall making Valentina even more desperate for results. (+2) She discovers it in Stein as she figures out that he is Firestorm.

When Jacks initiates his plan, he manages to get across the field with Sara's help and spectacularly makes fun of Barry. (+2) Leonard and Mick then get out and take Ray with them. Even getting revenge on the interrogator that tortured Mick. Pretty deserving of that if you ask me.

Sara's whole arc of not listening to Rip's former orders is finally done with. Unfortunately Stein is trapped with Valentina. They merge into Soviet Firestorm! +2

Vandal tries his awkward flirting to Kendra, but faces Captain Hunter who takes him down in the coolest way possible. Walking away and activating an explosive. +1


Once the team gets out, they find Soviet Firestorm. Jacks tries to reason with the Stein part of this villain and succeeds. (+2) What i don't get though is if Stein can control Firestorm, then why doesn't he prevent Jacks from doing stupid stuff in the show like run into a grenade? Can someone answer this question? -1

So they succeed in stopping the Firestorm apocolypse and then celebrate with alcohol. Which Sara apparently advocates for underage drinking. (That isn't cool -1) Sara apparently continues feeling guilty for almost killing Stein even though it is Rip's fault. -1

Cronos arrives at the greatest opportunity, when everyone is drunk. He attacks them through the temporal zone and Rip pulls off some cool maneuvers. (+1) They still crash cause the next episode's plot still has to happen. When they land, they quickly realize they are in Star City... In the FUTURE! The first to discover them is the Green Arrow, however it isn't Oliver Queen! +3

The final score is a 15/10, however one thing i need to do is build a bonus round for this creepy russian woman.

One more point to remove for Sara stupidly obeying Rip's horrible orders. -1

Savage put up no resistance whatsoever. -1

Snart not caring for Ray's life is an excellent forshadowing to his cold hearted return in S2. +1

14//10 is the final score. Next time we go to the future of the heroes on Arrow.