So back to reviewing Legends cause i have not done it in a while and i want to catch up by the time i'm ready to start Supergirl.

So the Legends go from stopping nuclear missile deals to infiltrating the pentagon. However after travelling there, the Legends weirdly face no side effects from Time Travel. I am going to remove a point for this everytime it happens.


However once the Legends get in, they have an amazing break in scene that shows Snart's street smarts at work. Plus more of that moral dynamic between Ray and Snart. +1

However everything goes wrong after Kendra just randomly goes berserk. Rip is right, it is pretty convenient. Also Jacks is constantly hating on Stein for no reason at all. So yeah, the break in starts great but ends up going horribly. -1

However we get the appearance of future Mick trying to shoot our team down in Russia. Basically the time masters are willing to break the one rule of time travel to bring these guys in. However Rip pulls an amazing move to dodge Cronos and take him out. That might have just been Mick's horrible flying at work but i'll award the scene anyway. +2

The Legends once again split up so they can defeat Savage. Ray flirting with a Russian scientist, (Snart doing most of the flirting though +1) Kendra learning how to control her powers. (thought they already covered this in the crossover?) Also Rip just being the Oracle or Felicity for everybody by helping them using the Waverider computer. However Rip's mission is interrupted by Cronos having survived. So he brings Rory and for some reason he doesn't bring Firestorm. They go and discover that the time masters want Rip back. Rip consults with his team on how to deal with this and they say "Nope". So they just fight Cronos. +2


However Jacks gets injured cause he is an understandably terrible fighter. Also he is hating on Martin for it even though Martin's advice would have saved him from Cronos. (-1) Luckily Martin's reason for being a jerk to Jefferson is actually a relatable one. +2

So in subplot #3, Kendra finally is over this out of nowhere rage-aholic plotline and at least managed to add some Sara character development. +1

Now in order to stop Savage, the team needs to break into the secret Firestorm making laboratory. Stein basically gets an amazing moment for his character as he operates independantly of Jefferson and touches nuclear radiation like a boss. (+2) Ray stupidly has Snart get captured though and the team loses everything despite being sooo close! -2

Rory gets caught, Stein gets caught, Ray gets caught. Basically Captain Hunter did horrible this day. However what did i think of this episode? Well i say it gets a 6/10. It was an above average episode of Legends of Tomorrow. However Valentina loves my bonus rounds and i got to get her wallet somehow...

Martin is shown to be a terrible father figure even if it is reasonable on why he was like that. I'm suprised Lily turned out the way she did. -1

Special effects for our heroes were great. The therma core as it is called looked amazing and was one of the most well done effects on the show. +2

Don't know where the heck Cronos went after hitting Firestorm with that sci fi grenade. -1

Still a six out of ten. What do you know? Anyway next we go deeper into Soviet Russia and have more prison break references.