Sorry it took a while for me to come back, Christmas time is over and it's time for me to review more superhero action.

The episode starts with a flashback to the beautiful looking Egypt, (+1) This time it has Vandal being attacked by Rip who looks like he really wants to murder someone. +1

Awesome reference to Superman and Batman in the Arrowverse. +1

Rip is constantly benching his team and it is getting annoying. He stopped Snart and Rory from helping him get into A BANK. Literally the thing they are good at doing and they are stopped from doing it. -1

Ray and Stein's different ways of aproaching a dangerous scenario make for some dramatic and humorous scenes. It starts in this episode, but it is a bigger thing in the later episodes. +1

Rip and Sara's amazing bank visit was a great action scene and probably shows Sara's best moment on the show so far. +2


Looking into the morals of our heroes is a pretty interesting topic and i love when it is brought up. Rip may want Vandal dead, but he was still an innocent man before and he wasn't ready to kill Savage. +1

The fact that Jacks was perfectly willing to allow Snart access to the time ship is a little ridiculous considering his own morals. -1

Ray's confidence being blown was a nice side plot. The only problem is that Stein is not really trying that hard and is taking a long time to help his friend. -1

Atom scenes are still looking amazing with his cool shrinking powers. +1

Captain Cold's whole scene with his dad and himself was a very emotional moment. The best scene out of this version of Cold in my opinion. Just his tone of voice getting softer than usual and occasionally cracking when he speaks to his past self just shows the humanity inside of Snart. +2

Vandal's henchmen literally just showing our heroes the key to their success. It makes no sense and is really stupid. -2


Ciara Renee's over acting as Hawkgirl is just terrible. -1

Vandal is THE best villian in the Arrowverse. He is just so cleverly evil and he shows it well when he taunts Rip about killing his family. Rip's response is also very reserved, but angry. +2

A cool fight starts in order to get Carter's body, which if i were Rip i would just leave it. Still the action is fun and the stunts are out there. +2

After Savage is beaten temporarily, the team mourns Carter's death in a well done funeral scene. Despite me not liking the guy, our heroes did and they look like they really did lose an important person on their team. +1

I'll give the episode a 9/10, however Vandal savage slit my throat to get a little more review content out of me. Stupid i know, but he did.

All the references to Arrow characters, Flash locations, and soon to be born Flash characters. +1

Rip not allowing his team to help stop Savage. -1

Leonard's dad being stupid by going back to Jail even after Snart changed the timeline. It would have been cool if he did change his destiny as a thief and considering that this show is all about changing destiny, that would have worked. -1

8/10, an okay episode of a getting there show. Next week we will go through more time travel problems that will arise.