This episode is the one where they fixed one of their biggest problems in the show in the second episode. It is an incredible feat for the CW. Usually it happens half way through. Well let's start the review.

At the start, they travel to Norway. Did i mention that all the unique locations in the show are amazing? Cause they are. (+1) They have to go to stop Savage from getting a nuclear weapon. Snart and Rory show their criminal smarts to get past the security. Including a little bit of Stein's inner criminal. (+1) They discover that Savage is the dealer and not a buyer. (Can't believe the Legends thought it would be that easy -1) Unfortunatly Savage is not buying that they are really from 1975. They get into a fight that is pretty awesome. (+2) If that isn't enough, Firestorm stops Savage's nuclear missile from killing everyone. +2


Sadly for Central City, Ray lost a piece of his suit. Now Savage can use it to make Central City into a wasteland in the future. (Where was Barry during all of this? -1) Now the team have to split up and deal with both problems. First Martin finds past Martin or "Marty" and tries to get him to not recognize Martin by pretending to be Elon Musk. (bravo Legends you have done your history +1) Sara is flirting with Marty cause off screen she is taking creepy lessons from Carter. -1


Hawkman is trying to be creepy to Kendra once again cause he just won't listen when someone says no. (-1) Despite this, they get the info to find Savage. Meanwhile Ray shows his terrible theiving skills. -1

After getting trapped, Ray and Snart get to bond over their skills and ponder over the what ifs of their lives. This is a good moment between these polar opposites. (+1) Over at Vandal's lab, Sara takes down the guys in the lab right after smoking. (+1) However, Martin has a bit of a self discovery moment when he sees his past self in a new way. He eventually get's out of his self-hatred and the heroes are ready to save Ray, Rory, and Snart.

They arrive and fight Savage's soldiers in a cool, but short fight. (+1) They take on Savage in a pretty decent brawl, but then i see something that has me light up in happiness. Hawkman is dead! YAY! (+2) This bland, creepy Legend is finally dead! Then after an emotion stab from Savage, the team escapes with a wounded Kendra. Rip helps Martin get his past self married. (+1) And then the team mourns Carter for some reason. -1

So this episode was an exciting end to a two parter. Next episode should be good too. I give this a 7/10, But i need to buy a bonus score from a crazed madman. What could go wrong?

Rip forshadowing Martin's daughter from season 2 with his whole line on interacting with his younger self and the consequences of it. +1

Cameo appearance by Damien Dhark and the ghosts. Also some nice forshadowing to season 2. +2

Ray should cover up the circuitry in his robotic suit. -1

This episode gets a nine out of ten, cause it was pretty awesome. That and Hawkman is dead. Well i'll be posting another review next week.