Usually people get addicted to drugs and alcohol. I get addicted to reviewing DCTV. Let's start the first review of Legends of Tomorrow.

The episode starts when our villian has already ruled the world and is about to kill our main character's family. Thank goodness it's not dead parents this time. This sequence shows how powerful Vandal Savage will get if our heroes don't stop him. (Pretty good stakes rising up +1) After Rip Hunter pleads to the Time Masters to help him stop Savage, (The Time Masters look like the galactic senate though) he collects his own team of superheroes. Ray Palmer cause the show started out of an Atom spin off show. Sara cause this show needs a Canary before the other one dies. Firestorm cause you got to have at least two flyers in any superhero team for some reason. Hawkman cause he and Hawkgirl are sadly stuck together. Hawkgirl cause the show wants to seem progressive. Cold and Heatwave cause why not?

The scene of Rip recruiting each member was pretty good. It showed how these heroes still need to have a reason for fighting crime and they find it in Rip's mission. +1


Rip brings them to a roof where he explains that Vandal Savage has ruled the world in the future and they have to stop him before this happens. What i don't get is why don't they just not time travel and instead just stop Malcolm Merlyn right in the present? He was about to resurrect Savage back in the crossover. This would probably have to be the biggest plot hole in the whole show. -2

The special effects are almost at a cinematic level at times. More than Supergirl did. The scene with the Legends on the roof and Rip showing the future showed an amazing camera shot combined with a great view of the chaos filled future. (+2) The Legends need time to think about the offer Rip gave to them. The Hawks are obviously on board. Ray is a superhero so of course he is going. Sara is going, but gets a costume beforehand. Snart wants important stuff from history, but Mick is not sure of it all. Both halves of Firestorm are going. (one unwillingly) Their contemplation before heading out shows that these characters are not all in it for the same reasons and they all have their own gray agendas. +1

After heading to Rip's adress, they go aboard the Waverider. Rip's time ship allows him to travel across time and space. It is clever that they named the Time ship after the DC character by the same name. He also shares the whole protect the timeline agenda that the Legends have. +1

After some social connecting, the team heads off into the temporal zone to 1975. They go collect info on Savage while Sara, Snart, and Mick go out drinking and dancing. It is pretty fun to watch our heroes just get into a bar fight. Kinda unrelated to the plot, but still cool. +1


Ciara Renee is definetly not the best at times in this role. She shows that when she meets her son and doesn't exactly react like someone would do to that. Falk Hentschel is even worse as Hawkman with any scene he is in. -1

Back in the Time ship, Gideon does her best Hal 9000 impression on Jacks. He gets frustrated and it leads to a humorous conversation with Gideon. +1

Cronos attacks the time ship and the rest of the team follow this disturbance. This leads to a battle between Cronos and the Legends. It is a pretty good action scene with good special effects. Even some good costume designs like Cronos. +2

After returning to the Time Ship, everyone learns that Rip is a big fat liar with his pants on fire. The team talks about their feelings and then realize destiny and fate are not things you should believe in. You actually should just believe that everything can be changed and nothing is outside your power. A little bit of a screwed message so whatever. Albus dies and the Hawks still act like they don't care. Guess they are following the Jedi code. (-1) The Legends gather together and go out to save the world.


Vandal loves his nuclear weapons and he loves doing it while being the most creepy, and threatening villians of all time. +1

Score for the episode is a 7/10, i do remember my son having a bonus score for my review back in 1975 though...

Green Arrow and the totally dead Black Canary guest starred for this episode and were pretty cool during their brief appearance. +1

They replaced Morena Baccarin with a new actress for the role of Gideon. I know there are different Gideons for each time traveler, but Morena Boccarin was amazing in the role and really sold the whole robot voice. I was upset that she didn't return for this. -1

The Star Wars references were good and funny when they were put in. Didn't think Snart was a Star Wars kind of guy though. +1

The final score is still a 7/10. Next time we go to the really big finale of this two parter.