So a lot of people were wishing that Flashpoint (the first episode of season 3 of the Flash) was better. Usually they offer their two cents on how they wish to do that. I myself wouldn't, however i would like to show what my version of Flashpoint would be if they did go all out. Making it like the comic, with the characters of the show. Still i wouldn't replace the version that exists if i had that power cause the Flashpoint we got told a good story and it started off the story of Season 3 well. Now without wasting time, i shall start.

The Realization

The beginning of Flashpoint wouldn't be that different than what the show did. Barry goes back in time and knocks out Eobard. However this is when things go different. Instead of having him kidnap Eobard, the timeline just changes right away. He awakens at CCPD and finds that he works with Detective Julio Mendez at CCPD instead of with Joe. He looks on a TV screen and it shows Citizen Cold fighting the Mist. (Captain Boomerang actor is expensive, probably why they didn't bring him back) Barry runs to get out of the building and he finds his mom. Tripping at her feet, he gets up and hugs her.

The Metahuman War

Barry's mom and Barry reunite and have a very heartwarming moment. She isn't getting it because to her it is like every other day, but to Barry it is more. They have a chat about how he forgot the cake, she also mentions that he was probably just busy because of the Meta War. He asks about it and we learn that Metas are feared and considered dangerous without the Flash after Eddie Thawne was crippled by one at the bombing of Jitters. Barry tries to tell her that he is the Flash. Even repeating his intro dialogue of, "To understand what i'm about to tell you, you have to believe in the impossible" however after trying to vibrate his hand, he discovers he is powerless. He decides that the best way to recover his powers is to find the man who gave them to him. Dr. Harrison Wells. He finds S.T.A.R labs in a wreck with a man in the darkness. Barry calls out for Wells, however the shadowy figure reveals himself to be the Earth One Wells. He has a large stubble and has a gun in his hand. He asks Barry why he is here, Barry says that he needs his powers. Wells suspects that he works for Eiling and tells him to go away. Barry then tries to find evidence to prove who he is and then he finally sees it after Wells shouts at him a lot. He says that he knows about his daughter Jesse. Wells freezes. "That was the name Tess wanted us to call our daughter" Barry then explains who he is and how everything has changed. He needs Wells's help to be the Flash and travel through time to fix it.

The Differences

Barry sleeps at the med bay while Wells gets to work on a way to restore Barry's powers. He has memory flashes of what happens on the Flashpoint Earth. The first one shows that Eiling has been testing Cisco's powers to use them for the military. This caused a breach that brought out an alien pod from a different Earth crashing down into Central City. The next memory flash shows that Tess lost the baby during a car crash instead of them both

dying. After they grew apart from each other, Wells created the accelerator and it has caused Tess to become a speedster who was driven mad, becoming Trajectory. The last memory flash shows that the accelerator explosion caused people to be afraid of metas. Eiling decided to work with Bratva weapons dealer Oliver Queen AKA the Green Arrow to weaponize his soldiers more. In order to stop the metas once and for all, Eiling plans to use the nuclear powered Firestorm as the power source for a nuclear bomb to wipe them out.

The Return of The Flash

Barry wakes up and informs Wells of his dreams. Harrison theorizes that this is because his mind is becoming more seperate from the main timeline and more a part of Flashpoint. Harrison says that the machine to restore his powers is now ready. He goes down to the pipeline and sees that the machine is very similar to the one that he used to restore his powers after Zoom took his speed.

Barry heads into the machine and becomes the Flash once again after disapearing into the Speed Force temporarily. He gets his costume cause of the Speed Force and decides to start running. He cannot get to the Speed nessesary to time travel yet. However he knows one man who has a way. Eobard Thawne AKA the Reverse Flash.

The Alien

Barry knows at his current speed, he cannot beat Thawne, but he knows someone who can. In his memory flash, he learned that Kara didn't become Supergirl and instead landed on Earth One and became a military experiment.

He breaks in with Wells's help and finds Kara, who is just as old as she was when she landed in the Phantom Zone. Barry doesn't recognize her, but he does recognize the "S" symbol on her chest.
Superman taking Kara to the Danvers family

Seeing Supergirl without all the love she received from the Danvers family would be a drastic and interesting version of Supergirl to portray, but i think Melina Weissman could do it

 She doesn't want to come with him, but he convinces her by explaining how this world isn't right and it is his fault, however he can change it so she can meet her cousin and become the hero she is meant to be. Oliver then arrives and shoots Kara with a net arrow. Kara can't break out cause she hasn't been exposed to the sun. Barry is shocked by this cause to him, Kara has always been invincible. Barry fights the evil Green Arrow with his speed. Oliver loses easily because he has no knowledge of Barry's powers. However Grodd comes in with General Eiling controllong him. Because Grodd tore open Kara's cell though, she gains her powers for the first time, using a blast of heat vision to knock Grodd miles away. Our heroes escape and Barry finds Thawne at the battlefield where Metas are fighting Eiling's men. He shows Barry that he wants him to succeed however he doesn't want to die this time. Flash tells him that he will, he has to. Our heroes are all interrupted by the appearance of Killer Frost. She leads many metas in the metahuman war and she attacks Supergirl because she is one of Eiling's experiments. Trajectory also arrives and attacks Harrison. Trying to reason with Tess, Harrison is killed. Barry battles Eobard in a brutal conflict leaving him beaten with a broken leg. Kara is frozen by Caitlin, the ice cube she is trapped in has a streak on her back that looks like a cape. Eobard tells Barry that the bomb is about to activate and soon everyone will die.

Eobard: You need to go back, you may have lost your family but everyone will be lossed if you don't return this world back to normal. Barry: I can't risk you ruining my life again.

Eobard: You did that yourself, but you can fix it. Run, Barry, Run!

The Return

The bomb activates, Firestorm's nuclear energy is unleashing and going fast. Barry limps forward, trying to focus on that night. He then feels a slight prick. The Reverse Flash gave him a small Tachyon device which attached to his leg. He smiles, then he runs. As fast as he did in the Season one finale. He stops the other Barry from going back in time. Returning everything to normal... with consequences.

I hope you enjoyed this. Please leave a comment about your feelings about this version of Flashpoint.