This is going to be a long one guys.

So first, the game will be based not on the Arkham games, but on Mirror's edge. Using it as a base for gameplay, but the environment forces you to be more superhuman.

P.S not tying it to Injustice

1. Plot                                                                                                                                                                                      Barry Allen will be getting to work at the start of the game, he is late (due to sleeping in) he speeds through Central City. The player gets a tutorial from this, along with one on CSI work. (it will come into play) Barry hears on the police radio that Captain Cold broke out of jail and comes to the rescue, as he has a hostage. However the hostage is S.T.A.R Labs scientist Cisco Ramon, the Flash asks Cold why he kidnapped Cisco. Snart answers with a quipping comeback, then starts running away with the hostage, Snart starts a chase and escapes. Barry relies on S.T.A.R labs to help him figure out why Snart kidnapped Cisco. He faces some of the Rogues while investigating, along with his other villians, he then finds a massacre site where he finds out that they were killed all at once. Traces of Cisco's Soder Cola was at the site, he analyses the bodies only to discover that Zoom is behind this. He traces the evidence to Zoom's lair, and fights Captain Cold and Flash wins. After freeing Cisco, he confronts Zoom in a race that goes across the Earth. In the climax of the race, Barry throws Zoom in the Speed-Force for them to finish their battle. After the credits, a transition turns over to 2024 where red lightning speeds past a futuristic lab.

2. Side Quests

The Flash of two worlds:                                                                                                                                                         Harrison Wells reports an anomaly ontop of a skyscraper for you to investigate. You see a portal at the location of the anomaly, out comes Jay Garrick. He tells you that he is the Flash of his Earth, not buying it you set up a bunch of AR race tracks across the city to race him at. After the races, Iris tells you and Jay that Rainbow Raider is robbing the Central City Chemical Factory. After you take out his goons, Rainbow Raider uses his powers on Jay. You snap Jay out of it, and Roy Bivolo is put in custody.

Grodd Lives:                                                                                                                                                                            Grodd has numerous teleporters to destroy in a small amount of time before his army teleports into Central City, after you do this, Grodd kidnaps Iris on the top of a building, you rescue Iris when she falls but Grodd dissapears.

Revenge of the Trickster:                                                                                                                                                    James Jesse has a bunch of presents hidden in Central city for you to collect. Afterwards Cisco figures out his location, and you head to his lair. He attaches a Kinetic bomb to you that will explode if Barry stops running, he uses his phasing ability to phase through the docks and the bomb is released from him. James Jesse is arrested.

Cold Death:                                                                                                                                                                         Barry investigates murders performed by Killer Frost, then contains her in the pipeline.

3. Gameplay

The Flash runs at a slightly better than normal speed, until you press the trigger button, than you really go fast. Abilities like running on walls and sliding come when you tap the speed button. Other buttons trigger abilities you unlock over time like running through walls. Basic speed abilities like wall running come from Mirror's Edge, others are amplified speed punches and evading that are original.

4. Characters


The Flash (Voiced by Grant Gustin)

Jay Garrick (Voiced by John Wesley Shipp)


Iris West (Voiced by Candice Patton)

Harrison Wells (Voiced by Tom Cavanagh)

Cisco Ramon (Voiced by Carlos Valdes)

Captain Cold (Voiced by Wentworth Miller)

Zoom (Voiced by Tony Todd)

Killer Frost (Voiced by Danielle Panabaker)

Joe West (Voiced by Jesse L. Martin)

Roy Bivolo (Voiced by Paul Anthony)

Heatwave (Voiced by Dominic Purcell)

Trickster (Voiced by Mark Hamill)

Multiplex (Voiced by Michael Cristopher Smith)

Grodd (Voiced by David Sobolov)

5. Extra Content

Various races are used to test the Flash's speed, and combat challenges are used to test Flash's combat skills. This is the only mode where you can play as Jay Garrick.

Their are some skins as well including:

S1 Flash Suit

S.T.A.R Labs test suit

World's Finest Flash Suit

Comic Book Flash Suit

Well, that is it

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