Most of you looking at this blog post probably hate Felicity, those who don't can leave.

This is just for the haters that blame her for a flaw they see in the show.

1. Laurel's death                                                                                                                                                                      Let's say Laurel was still alive, she would continue being a sidekick with less stories than her father, who doesn't wear a costume. Felicity is still going to be with Oliver, however even after Lauel died, Felicity didn't go back into Oliver's arms the very next episode. That proves that it is not about her at all. She became a useless and redundant character and might as well be an arrow in Olie's quiver.

2. No ressurection                                                                                                                                                                   Most fans have ideas for what would happen if Laurel came back, i only read one and they are all just like it. The idea usually involves time travel, which already makes it flawed considering Arrow is the most realistic of the shows. But the main flaw is that after she is resurrected in these fanfic ideas, she is in love with Oliver like in the comics and Season 1.

This idea sucks because not only did Oliver act like a jerk in the past, but he also cheated on her sister. What message does that teach the viewers? A bad one, thats what, even through your hate of Olicity, you can see a flaw in Laurever. A relationship i would see working out better is Black Canary and Wildcat.

3. Death won't solve it                                                                                                                                                             Everyone angrily wants Felicity to die, probably as much as i want Malcolm to. However it won't solve the problem Arrow suffers from, which is the characters not having equal screentime. This is something that people like Joss Weadon can keep together. Doesn't seem that Marc can anymore, he hasn't since Season 3. Getting rid of Felicity is not going to fix the situation, giving the computer hacker more to do in Season 4 was just a response to lack of Wifi using villians last season. I hope Season 5 fixes this problem by allowing everyone something to do in the amazing adventure called Arrow.