Alot of people here and even on other sites on the internet automatically assume that Arrow is stealing villians from Batman, a popular superhero that people have encyclopedic knowledge on. People do not know about Green Arrow's rogues gallery or even the so called "Batman rogues". So i'm going to teach you all that not all of them really come from the dark knight.

1. Deadshot

Not really a Green Arrow villian, but not a Batman foe either. Deadshot is an assassin and therefore has tangled with numerous superheroes in the DC universe. Mostly part of the Suicide Squad like he was in the show.

2. Firefly

Garfield Lynns is definetly a part of Batman's rogues, but that isn't always the case. Firefly has also battled Batgirl and Black Canary in Batgirl: year one. He also joined the Secret Society of Super Villians, however his time is usually spent on Batman and only him.

3. Huntress

Not only is she a part of the superhero team Birds of Prey, but a solo hero in her own right. She may have been part of the Bat family, but most of the time Helena is not in Batman's shadow.

4. Deathstroke

A merc for hire that has ran into Batman less times than having his eye. Point is despite the video games showing Batman in a rivalry, they are not really enemies. When Deathstroke is not killing the Teen Titans, he is crashing Oliver's wedding with Black Canary. Oliver stopped him and put an arrow into where his eye used to be. If that isn't an antagonist for Green Arrow i don't know what is.

5. Ra's al ghul

Being a Batman villian doesn't take up all your time. He also was a part of Merlyn's story in the comics. He is also an international supervillian having a relationship with Black Canary, and taking out the Justice League, and then using a bio-virus to take over the world. (sound familiar) This is one villian that you should watch out for even when you aren't Batman.

6. Prometheus

Batman may be his insipiration, but he isn't the end goal. In the end he wants to get rid of justice and what better way is there than getting rid of the Justice League. After the League's mercy on him causes many losses on the team. Green Arrow kills him because he is the only one willing to do what is neccesary.

Do you think this list answer whether they are Arrow villians or Batman villians? let me know by commenting below.