Above i have placed Part one of this series i started long ago. It is to prove how similar the shows are and i am determined to find similarities between S3 of Arrow and Flash.

Note: I haven't seen all of Season 3 of the Flash yet. However first i will finish all the similarities between Season 2 of Arrow and Flash since i didn't last time.

8. Season 2's supervillain uses Young Supporting character to further their goals.

9. Season 2's supervillain unleashes their army on the city of the hero.

10. Hero loses second relative to Season 2's supervillain.

Season 3

1. Young Supporting character finally suits up as a sidekick to the hero.

2. Season 3's supervillain has followers willing to die for their cause, one of them even has/had a family.

3. Love Interest of the hero still likes a handsome billionaire.

4. Young Supporting character falls in love with another sidekick of the hero.

5. Characters from Arrow, Flash, and Legends are featured on each show.

6. Season 3's Suppervillain stabs hero

7. A member of the hero's team unkowingly betrayed them.

8. Season 4's Supervillain is teased this Season.

Well that is all i got for now, hope you all enjoyed another one of these. What similarities did you find between the two season's?