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  • Xandermcc

    This is the Lena Luthor episode. Sadly not one with Dean Cain or Lillian. Still good though.

    This one starts off with National City having zero crime. Well i guess the episode is over, nice review everybod- oh wait it isn't. The plot starts really with Lena inviting Kara to an event hosted by Jack Spheer. Lena's old boyfriend. Snapper is also there and lays some sick burns on Kara that are pretty good. (+1) Jack then does the presentation and i get a very Apple presentation/magic show vibe from it. I don't know it is just very creepy in the way he does it which is cool. (+1)

    One thing i didn't like though was how he tested it on himself which is a serious risk in a public scene when you are made of these nanobots. -1

    James is out as Guardian …

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  • Xandermcc

    So this one is when i feel the season finally gets on track slightly better. They finally adjust to the new villain a little bit. They finally make up for lost focus on some characters. (Again, only kind of) So lets see how.

    So we start the episode with Mon-El switching brains with a good character. Called Season 3 Mon-El. (Yes, i cannot wait to see him with the Legion today) So that is good. (+1) However once again, he proves useless power wise. I don't know why he needs his equipment from the D.E.O. Does he really think those sunglasses protect his identity? -1

    Supergirl fights an alien threat. Taking him out easier than most of the villains on the show. Really showing that sometimes Supergirl with her all out strength is really powerful. …

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  • Xandermcc

    So we are taking a little detour over on the Flash because it is mini-crossover time. Probably better than the Worlds Finest one i reviewed last time, but that one was still fun. So how am i going to catch people up on the Flash this time around on what is currently going on? Well i am going to stop recaping people on the other shows because we have this wiki for that. At least with the Supergirl wiki i had to do that.

    So the episode starts with Barry Allen in a funk after his break up with Iris. Cisco being the supportive friend and victim to Barry Allen's godlike abilities decides to get him off the couch and back to being himself, but Barry loves his musicals way too much. This really shows how his break up has affected him. Losing his o…

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  • Xandermcc

    So this New Year is going to be fun. With Supergirl eventually returning, i better get to my reviews.

    Episode leads to much forshadowing of the Music Meister. Along with a little reference to the film Man of Steel when having our mysterious invader Rhea contact the human race by static TV's. +1

    Supergirl contacts the mystery invaders from Daxam only to be brought down by bubbles of all the things. Still, pretty cool CGI on the alien space ship. This seems like something right out of a sci-fi film. +1

    Mon-El seems to just be delaying the inevitable when it comes to his reveal to Kara. Which ends up causing fun hijinks with an awkward dinner between them all. And by fun i mean ridiculous. There are a couple of reasons for why this as antagonist…

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  • Xandermcc

    You know what i like on the holidays. SEEING DEAN CAIN! +3

    So this episode has tons of alien kidnapping that starts it off. Obviously it is Jeremiah's fault since he took the alien registry. However Alex is worried that he will get killed in their battle with Cadmus. Alex just suddenly forgot her dad is bulletproof now. (-1) We then get an alien abducting action scene which had some pretty cool stuff like the reappearance of Guardian and James along with Alex pool stick fighting some goons of Cadmus. +2

    Alex then has a cool moment where her emotions actually do get to her in her job as an interrogater. (+2) However then J'onn pulls her away just so the creators can once again say the line of dialogue that gives them Christmas cheer every tim…

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