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  • Xandermcc

    This episode we get some White Martians. This time they learned to shapeshift into people again. Good that they learned this tactic.

    So the episode starts with Kara being sane and right about Mon-El for once. Sadly through the music and Mon-El's face, they expect us to want us to feel bad for him. I don't so too bad CW! +1

    So everyone in Kara's life seems to not really care what she is going through except M'gaan. Kara needs to hang with M'gaan more. (+1) Speaking of which, M'gaan and J'onn fight Miss Martian's husband however when Supergirl arrives, he gets away. A cool dissapearing act and it shows the Kryptonians aren't completely invincible. +2

    Winn is being harassed about Guardian by Kara and she still wonders why nobody is celebrating E…

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  • Xandermcc

    So this episode review is in celebration of Season 3's legendary premiere. Probably knocking the socks off the very episode i am reviewing. Anyway, let us get started. This is the point in the show that in my opinion, it became what fans refer to it as "The Mon-El show" Let us see if they were right.

    So it starts with Mon-El being trained by Supergirl, but he makes the least amount of mistakes this time. (Gee, when does this guy not at least make one mistake?) Supergirl still thinks he should be sent out into the field now even though usually sending someone out is something you do when they are 100% good at these tests. -1

    So Winn finally has James be honest about everything with Kara, so i think honesty is a first in the Arrowverse. +1


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  • Xandermcc

    So Mon-El has started a relationship with Supergirl around Season 2. She is head over heels in love with him. (Don't know why, but i deal with it for now) Though i started realizing something when reading an article about it. Kara wants to be with Superman. (sort of)

    She doesn't want to actually be with Superman. After all, he is her cousin. However what i have studied is that she basically wants someone exactly like him. So this isn't the Silver Age creepy incest stuff between them completely. Though it maybe similar. This is seen when Supergirl basically wants to give a makeover on his horrible Daxamite personality. Wanting to give him glasses, make him a super nice guy. Get another alias. Work for a news orginization. Become a superhero …

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  • Xandermcc

    So we are seeing Kevin Smith and his entry into Supergirl's world. I'm watching out for some Nicholas Cage cameos though.

    So the episode starts with a battle between Supergirl and some jewel thieves that somehow managed to get their hands on rocket launchers. (I'll let it slide for now) Then Guardian finishes them off. However Winn picked up one more that got the drop on him, leaving him in a state of panic. This is a type of arc for Winn that i wish was explored more, but it still is a good one. +2

    Snapper Carr is harassed at work by the Supergirl and Guardian fans and i'm suprised he hasn't figured out their identities by now. Nonetheless, Snapper scenes are extremely comedic. +1

    Our plot is revealed in the form of missing people being take…

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  • Xandermcc

    So this is the final part of the four part crossover event. Time to see how they end it. Also got to recap the Legends adventures with my special guest for the review, Mick!

    Got them caught up Mick? good, time to start the review.

    So the heroes get back to Earth and find out that the Dominators want the meta's weaknesses. So our heroes are going back to 1950 to kidnap a Dominator for intel. Leading to Cisco and Felicity going crazy about it. (+1) Oliver, Barry, Sara, and Ray go to meet with the president in the meantime, but Kara isn't allowed because Oliver is an idiot in this scene who needs to make himself feel comfortable when aliens are invading and is pushing away his biggest asset. -1

    The time…

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