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  • Xandermcc

    Jeremiah Danvers future

    August 16, 2017 by Xandermcc

    So Dean Cain AKA Jeremiah Danvers just dissapeared when Rhea took over as the main villain. Even Lillian doesn't know where he is which is lazy. Did they forget about him or are they going to continue the plot with him going forward? Most importantly will he become the next Cyborg Superman? Because David Harewood is tired of playing the role because of how they just put a green screen mask on his face and say he is Cyborg Superman. So i believe they will forcibly turn Jeremiah against Kara and do a full cyber-conversion. Also the Superman part of Cyborg Superman may have worked last time due to Cyborg Superman being Cadmus's Superman, but they can do it a little better. Dean Cain actually was Superman in the show Lois and Clark. So now the…

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  • Xandermcc

    Sorry i haven't been reviewing recently, been auditioning for a bit and was too busy. Anyway Supergirl!

    We start with James being the worst at keeping his secret identity along with Winn's. Then again, Supergirl's team took forever to deduce the Master Jailer's identity so i guess it makes sense. Also Kara throws in a reference to Batman or Green Arrow. (We don't know, they could have gone the Smallvile route and made Oliver his vigilante friend) +1

    Mon-El is being suprisingly more impressive in terms of tactics and combat. Supergirl really trained him well. (+1) They are also doing well to forshadow the return of the real Hank Henshaw.

    J'onn is now experiencing hallucinations of his family. A very short lived, but interesting plotline is loo…

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  • Xandermcc

    Champagne Guggenheim

    July 26, 2017 by Xandermcc

    For those of you who don't know Champagne Guggenheim is a fictional champagne brand that exists in the Arrowverse. Referencing one of its main guys in charge, Marc Guggienheim. My theory today is based on the scene that takes place in between Seasons 4 & 5. Where Felicity and Oliver have "bunker sex" when drunk. Curtis provided the drinks, but we never see the bottle or brand. My theory is that they had some Champagne Guggenheim. What do you guys think? Could this theory be true? Am i overreacting and it is actually just a regular bottle of wine?

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  • Xandermcc

    So this episode is basically not much about Supergirl because they benched their main character. I think this is the first time they have fully done this and it is just for one character's development. I'll let you figure out who that is for yourselves.

    So the episode starts with the origin of the Parasite, the enviromentalist. Good idea to change the character in this way. I feel you kinda need some intelligence in a character like Parasite. Also he is just an overall good character. +2

    We all then see what happens when Supergirl gets drunk. Fun hijinks ensue! (+1) See this is how you do hijinks Supergirl. Where was this comedy in the last episode? Kara is even brought to work in this state, leaving J'onn to take the jet to investigate Para…

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  • Xandermcc

    So in an interview with one of the writers on Black Lightning who is excited to be working with Gred Berlanti. She answered the question we all are asking. Is it connected to the Arrowverse?

    She basically said that we need to let the audience know more about Jefferson Pierce before we have him team up with other heroes. Then have him be established in a universe that is part of that whole world.

    So this just confirms that after the first season, we should see him be a part of the multiverse at some point. Some sort of Earth. Probably Earth-7 considering that the trailer for the show told us that 2007 is when Black Lightning started his career. Do you guys think differently though? Do you think he'll be in this world at some point? Put it dow…

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